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Curl hair with a ghd

Stacey from the Regis Education Team gives you a handy tip on how to curl your hair using a ghd styler.

STACEY - stylist and Educator
Step by step guide
  • 1. Prepare

    Prepare the hair by applying a volume product like ghd Total Volume Foam before blow-drying for ultimate curls and staying power.

  • 2. Section

    Separate the hair into three sections by first splitting into a top and bottom section, then splitting the top section down the centre again. Secure the two upper sections out of the way for now.

  • 3. Protect

    Spritz the lower section of hair with ghd Heat Protection Spray to reduce damage and ensure that your curls are as smooth, sleek and luxurious as they deserve to be.

  • 4. Curl

    Take a small section of the hair, insert in the ghd styler and clamp the irons shut. Rotate at 180 degrees and slowly pull through to the ends of the hair. Repeat this all over until all hair has been curled.

  • 5. Tease

    Make the look your own by simply using your fingers to tease each curl into the desired shape. Twist round one finger for a sleek style or run your fingers through the hair for a more tousled, undone ‘do.

  • 6. Finish

    Complete the look by applying ghd Final Fix Hairspray to hold your curls in place whilst leaving the hair weightless at the roots for a season-savvy voluminous finish.

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