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Dr. Murad’s Top 10 Skincare Tips

We asked the skincare guru behind Murad to share his top tips for beautiful skin…

Tip 1: “Drink your water for beautiful skin and a healthier body. It’s a common misconception that the body needs eight glasses of water a day. For healthier skin replace one glass of water a day with eating a raw fruit or vegetable. Water that is in raw fruits and vegetables is structured water which is more efficient and has the ability to better penetrate water into our living cells. Structured Water will reach every cell in our body including the epidermis more than when drinking water (tap or bottled). Not only will they stay hydrated longer, they will get vital nutrients to help build stronger cells, resulting in a healthier, more resilient complexion. Skin can only be beautiful if healthy at cellular level.”

Tip 2: “Reduce cell-damaging stress! Stress not only can cause you breakouts, it creates tiny holes in your cell membranes that lead to water leaking out of your cells, dehydrating your skin and causing fine lines, wrinkles, and a lackluster skin tone. Take time for you, maybe take a time-out at a spa, relax, sleep well, spend time with friends and family and make time for hobbies and the things you love.”

Tip 3: “Exfoliate! Dull, lacklustre skin can make you look older than you really are. Dullness is usually a result of a build up of dead skin cells on your face. Exfoliation lifts the dulling film of dead skin from your skin to give you a fresh and more youthful looking complexion. Try Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser which Smooths texture while cleansing away dullness and impurities. Polishes away dry skin, boosts hydration and brightness.”

Tip 4: “My top general health tip is to smile, when you feel your best you will look your best. Try to take a few moments a day to do something you love. It will not only nourish your soul, but will make you feel better physically as well.”

Tip 5: “Eat embryonic foods like eggs, nuts and seeds. These specific food types contain all the building blocks for life (a seed turns into a plant, right?) and will help your body form healthier, stronger cells that are more resistant to damage…and the signs of ageing.”

Tip 6: “Protect your skin from UV damage. One of the most important foods to combat sun damage is pomegranate, which contain polyphenols like ellagic acid. I have conducted clinical trials that show roughly a 25% improvement in SPF when pomegranate is added to a diet. If your sunscreen also contains pomegranate extract there is an additional improvement in SPF by 20%. I’d recommend Murad Age-Proof Suncare Oil SPF 30 which prevents the signs of premature ageing caused by sun exposure while hydrating and controlling oil production.”

Tip 7: Get a good night’s rest! “Getting deep sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin and your health. Sleep isn’t just about waking well rested, sleep has important therapeutic benefits – it may be one of your body’s most productive times for repairing every system in your body, including skin which is your largest system – and the one that displays the most dramatic signs of sleep deprivation.”

Tip 8: “Be thrilled with who you are. The most important person in the world is you! Look after your emotional wellbeing by treating yourself like royalty; have a relaxing massage, buy those shoes you’ve wanted for ages, or take some me-time.”

Tip 9: “Always wear sunscreen. Don’t ruin gorgeous skin by skipping this simple step. Regardless of the time of year, weather, or your skin type, you are exposed everyday to environmental aggressors and need protection. Remember to use a sunscreen that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.” 

Tip 10: Cleanse every morning and night. Many people neglect to cleanse before bed, which is really the most important time. During the sleep cycle, your skin has the time to rest and repair. You therefore want to ensure it has a clean and balanced environment in which to do so. Without proper cleansing, bacteria can survive (and thrive) on your skin, leading to breakouts. Also, the free radicals your skin encounters during the day, from pollution, sun and environmental exposure, can build up, causing tissue damage which leads to accelerated ageing.”


About Dr. Murad

Howard Murad, MD, FAAD, is a trained pharmacist, Associate Clinical Professor of

Medicine at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine, founder of Murad Skincare Inc., President of The University for Inclusive Health and a physician who specializes in both Inclusive Health and dermatology. He has been acclaimed as a “Beauty Genius” by Elle magazine, an “Industry Visionary” by the International SPA Association, and has been inducted into Dermascope’s “Academy of Legends.” His Inclusive Health philosophy has scientifically established that beauty and good health are vitally linked and best achieved through an Inclusive Health lifestyle that supports and enhances “youth building”—an approach that goes beyond reversing signs of aging to provide new vitality. Inclusive Health is a revolutionary approach to care created by Dr. Murad that achieves whole body restoration all the way down to the cellular level. Inclusive Health protects and promotes total wellness through a 3-pronged approach: LOOKING BETTER through Topical Skincare, LIVING BETTER through cell-building nutrition and FEELING BETTER by managing CULTURAL STRESS.







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