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Festival Inspired hair

Our step-by-step guide on how to create perfectly tousled waves for a soft boho 'do or textured grunge look to get festival inspired style in just a few simple steps.

Step by step guide
  • 1. Prepare

    Before blowdrying your freshly washed and conditioned hair, apply ghd Heat Protection spray all over, allowing you to use hot stylers with confidence and minimal damage.

  • 2. Section

    Section the hair into horseshoe sections from temple to temple and clip out of your way. Take 1 inch-wide pieces to create each curl evenly.

  • 3. Curl

    Take your ghd styler and place it at the top of the section. Wrap the hair around one plate 360 degrees, close the styler and pull slowly downward while turning it in towards the head, repeat all over to create even curls.

  • 4. Shape

    Apply Kérastase Touche Finale all over your fingers and run them through the finished curls to gently break up the ringlets and create a tousled but glossy finish.

  • 5. Fix

    Spray ghd Final Fix all over the hair to hold the finished result. This will create a long lasting, volumised result.

  • 6. Finish

    Add the extra festival flair using hairbands, feathers and on trend boho accessories to suit your style.

What you'll need


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