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Our Tips On Growing Out Your Fringe

Taking the plunge and deciding to rock a fringe is a big decision for most of us and the inevitable growing out phase is sometimes enough to put you off. However we’re here to show you how easy it can be to let your fringe grow out when you eventually do fancy a change and ease the frustrations of any of you already battling the bangs. Check out our simple tips and tricks to help you make the most of your tresses during that awkward in between stage and in fact, embrace the versatility of your hairstyle transformation.

When you’re trying to grow your fringe out, we know every precious millimetre counts but trust us when we say that regular trims are your very best friend. Not only do they keep your ends looking fresh and healthy, keeping up to date with your six-weekly grooming will help your locks grow quicker. Snipping away at your tresses may seem like the very last thing you want to do but topping up your trims will enhance your hair’s ability to absorb the essential moisture and nutrients it needs to prevent breakage that will slow down growth. When you visit your salon, ask your stylist to start blending your fringe into the rest of your hair to ensure re-growth is subtle and your style still looks its absolute best.

Regis expert Becci says: “If you’ve hit that awkward in between stage, don’t be tempted to attack your fringe with scissors as you will only regret it in the long run. Instead be patient and remember you still have lots of options. Rolling the lengths of the fringe and securing with a hair grip is a good way to grow it out so add the tuck-and-roll technique to your repertoire!”

Growing out your fringe doesn’t have to leave you feeling limited and frustrated with your ‘do as it can actually open doors to a variety of exciting new styles you may not have experimented with otherwise. Longer bangs can be swept into a trend-savvy side-part for a simple but super-chic look. An angled parting is the perfect way to disguise awkward lengths and mask any tell-tale signs whilst looking great at the same time. What was once a painstaking ordeal now turns into a great way to soften any hairstyle and makes for the perfect way to frame your face. Accessories can even be a whole new world of experimentation – take tips from Blake Lively for a grown up take on the headband, with 60s volume ensuring it looks far from the playground.

When it comes to products, the Regis Store has everything you’re going to need. Firstly, stock up on a luxurious hair mask to deeply treat your hair once a week to make sure vital moisture is locked in and condition is in check. Dehydrated hair will struggle to grow so it’s important you keep your locks quenched with expert formulas like the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. As far as styling is concerned, we recommend the Designline Ultimate Matte Pliable Clay as a weighty product will keep flyaways at bay and short stubborn hairs in line.

So now we’ve shared some of our best advice, book yourself in at your nearest Regis salon for that all-important trim and we will be more than happy to impart some more pearls of wisdom. If you have any useful tips on growing out a fringe then we would love to hear from you!

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