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Gym Hair Tips

Let’s face it – going to the gym is hard enough as it is without feeling like you look less than your best. Hold on though, we’re not advocating a full Saturday night face of makeup, complete with perfectly coiffed waves! We just think that a few special gym hair tips can mean you feel sexy and cool in your yoga pants, and that’s going to make it that much easier to commit to that New Year’s Resolution this year – finally!

You can’t go wrong with a sleek ponytail, a style that not only stays put but looks good. Working up a sweat can mean an inevitable frizz factor, though, so you have two options when faced with the effects of heartrate-raising activity – stop it in its tracks, or work with it.

For fans of the super-sleek look, go for a high shine finish that’s immovable with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Finishing Spray, and finish with Alterna Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil for a high shine and frizz free pony that looks straight from the workout DVD covers.

If you’re not afraid to embrace some texture and flyaways, simply start out with a ponytail that isn’t too perfect in the first place. Take the lengths of your pony and add some loose curls, running through with the fingers to separate and give a chic, undone look. To make sure there’s no danger of your ponytail falling too far, swap your hair tie out for a bungee – it’s adjustable to give the perfect fastening on everyone’s hair.

If you’re after something a little different, braids are a gym bunny’s best friend. The options are limitless, from two french braided pigtails to a crown braid for something more girly. Why not try this upside down French braid for a super chic look that will go the distance. Even for shorter hairstyles, you can work your strands up towards a pony or bun with the braid tutorial below.

Tell us your motivation to get to the gym, from brand new gym gear to the cute guy on the next treadmill – what’s getting you fit this year?

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