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Hair For Work

Monday mornings always come around a lot quicker than you expect,  don’t they? One minute you’re enjoying breakfast in bed and the next you’re sleepily reaching over to snooze your 7am alarm. However, with our expert advice and inspiration for beautiful hair at work, you no longer need to dread the post-weekend mad dash out the front door and maybe even grab an extra five minutes beneath the sheets!

The key to perfecting an efficient work hair routine, whether you’re sat in the office or out and about at meetings, is versatility. Opting for styles which can be easily transformed into another great look is the way forward for a perfect mix between style and simplicity when you’ve got more taxing things to deal with. A firm favourite in the Regis repertoire is a sleek centre part tamed into submission with a healthy dose of Designline Silk Drops Repair and Shine Serum before styling with the ghd Eclipse Styler. This look just oozes sophistication and can be easily converted into a playful half up half down ‘do the next day in just a few simple steps, with no need for re-washing. We’re loving Angelina Jolie’s interpretation of this style and highly recommend following in suit.

Industry experts advise against going for any style that requires too much precision or intricacy. Not only will this slow you down in the morning and eat into precious breakfast time, if pieces come loose throughout the day your ‘do is likely to end up looking scruffy and clumsy. However if you start off with a soft look to begin with it’s much easier to disguise escaped curls and slipping strands as being all part of the shabby-chic style. Relaxed plaits and rolls across the hairline using the lengths of the front section allow you to achieve an expertly preened finish with minimal effort on your behalf.

Striking a balance between ease and effect is what you need to master and what would work style be without a classic ponytail that can achieve exactly that? Pull the hair back off the face and secure at the crown with a hair tie before completing the look with a spritz of Designline Stand Still Ultimate Finisher to keep flyaways at bay. For a softer take on the look tie the ponytail at the nape instead, parting the hair at deep side point to ensure you’re ticking the hottest trend boxes while you work.

When it comes to tailoring your personal hair style for work it’s important to remember that whatever look you’re going for, it should always look polished and perfected. Knowing you have great hair will enable you to radiate the confidence and independent demeanour that will impress colleagues and clients alike. Check out our range of luxurious serums available in the Regis store to give your locks that added extra lustre and high-impact shine to offset any office wear ensemble.

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