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Hair removal tips

Summer time means longer nights with shorter hemlines and shorter hemlines means being even more meticulous about your hair removal regime. You’re also going to want the perfectly groomed  bikini and brows to match, right? Well, here at Regis we’ve perfected hair removal at its very best to ensure you’re smooth, soft and supple in all essential areas so you can be body confident come rain or shine.

Even if it does make you wince at the mere thought, waxing is a brilliant method for the quick, efficient removal of large areas of unwanted hair for long-lasting results. Our professional, hygienic and disposable waxing is unique from traditional techniques in that it uses sealed tubes of wax rather than sharing one pot between multiple clients. Disposable roller applicators dispense warm wax across your skin before removing it backwards from the root meaning contamination is kept low whilst hygiene and efficiency is exceptionally high. With our advanced PHD waxing system you won’t be able to resist stroking your own silky smooth pins and embracing that freshly-shaven feeling as you slip into your sheets at night.

We do promise that the warm wax helps to numb the skin so all you that can be felt is a slight nip but for more sensitive areas of the body like the underarms and bikini line, we do recommend our new Outback Organic Hot Wax. Free from harsh chemicals, this technique takes a more gentle approach as the resin is applied warm and shrink wrapping is used to remove the hairs for a completely pain-free experience with incredibly satisfying results. A word to the wise: avoid tight clothes, hot baths, harsh chemicals, spray tans, perfumed products and swimming for 24-48 hours following any waxing treatment to avoid irritating the skin, for optimum results.

If regular waxing really isn’t your thing and you fancy something a little more long-term then check out our popular electrolysis available in most Regis salons. Each hair follicle is treated with an electric current, which dissolves hair at the root to achieve permanent reduction in hair growth. Best results will be seen following a series of electrolysis sessions but that extra time spent in the salon guarantees a consistent salon-fresh finish that will eventually eliminate the need for waxing or shaving all together.

Beautiful brows are also part of a brilliant hair removal regime as they frame the face and add the finishing touches to any great look. Whether you’re going for an intricately groomed finish or  embracing this season’s trend for fuller brows, threading is a good place to start. This ancient art has been resurrected over recent years and is available to you across a number of Regis salons. This technique is all about skill, expertise and precision as cotton threads remove unwanted hair straight from the follicle with a swift twisting motion for results that can last up to six weeks.

If you want to try out of one our hair removal services then book yourself in at your nearest Regis beauty salon and we will help you choose the right technique for you. Whether you’re jetting off for a week in paradise or preparing for a hot date, we will have you looking and feeling silky smooth in no time.

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