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Get The Look: Adele’s Halo Braid

We love Adele’s classic, sophisticated style but it’s always fun to experiment with new looks and we think she looks great with this relaxed halo braid. Braids are a huge trend for autumn/ winter 2015, so perfect your crown braid with our step-by-step guide

1.  Prep hair with a texturising spray like Designline Texture Tousle Flexible Finisher to create Adele’s laid-back style.

1.  Split your hair into two sections, the top three quarters (to start braiding immediately) and the bottom quarter (secure this out of the way for now). Mist with a hold spray like Sassoon Professional Motion Hold to help your braid stay put.

2.  Tip your head forward and allow the hair to fall over your face. Take a 4-5 inch section from behind the left ear – this will be the start of your braid. Starting from the roots, begin braiding upwards, pulling in pieces from the remaining hair as you go (as you would a French braid).

3.  Continue the braid until just beyond your right ear before releasing the bottom quarter section of hair. Resume braiding around the nape of the neck, pulling in pieces from the new section of hair.

4.  Continue your braid right to the ends (even when all sections of loose hair have been incorporated). Wrap it around to meet the start point (so you have one continuous braid) and pin into place. Take the excess braid and tuck it in to sit under the main part of the braid at the back.

5.  Finish with a spritz of Moroccanoil Luminous Shine Spray to add shine and tame any flyaways.


(Photo: ZUMA/REX)

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