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How To Create an Elegant Rolled Updo

We love going for glamour at Christmas time, and there’s no better way than a chic and elegant updo to complete that party look. It doesn’t have to be a pain to create a look that will turn heads, so we’re bringing you some easy step-by-step tutorials. First up, a gorgeous retro rolled style that will add classic chic to any ensemble.

• Distribute Wella SP Refine Texture throughout hair.
• Section hair into three loose ponytails and backcomb the ends.

• Create a base of grips on your head to position the roll, by crossing Kirby grips.

• Roll the bottom of the ponytail up to meet the head and pin to the grip base for firm hold.

• Pull hair into the desired shape, using more grips if necessary.

• Finish with Wella SP Perfect Hold hairspray.
• Top tip: Try to work with day-old, unwashed hair for extra texture and hold.

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