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Beauty tips | How to make your beauty products last longer

Regis Beauty Tips

These beauty tips will change your life now and post-lockdown.

Are you in money-saving mode right now or working on a contingency plan in case you can’t replenish your beauty stash? We think it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting the most from the products you already have in your bathroom cupboard or dressing table. That’s why we’ve pulled together the best tricks to help extend the shelf life of your beloved beauty products.

TBH, these beauty tips are handy to live by even after the #lockdown…  

Beauty tip #1

Foundation – apply it with your fingers

While you may use brushes or sponges as your go-to blending tool, you might consider giving them a break in the interests of preserving foundation.

Sponges and brush bristles both absorb foundation in order to spread evenly onto the skin. But this also means that a certain amount of residue is left on each applicator – which is also why cleaning your makeup tools is so important. Over time, believe it or not, this can add up to a significant amount of product that you could have otherwise used on your skin. Your fingers, on the other hand, won’t absorb any formula and are easy to wash. Just be sure that your hands are moisturised to avoid makeup seeping into cracked, dry skin. Well moisturised hands will also help to evenly distribute the foundation on your skin.

Regis Beauty tips taisiaa-shestopal (unsplash)

Beauty tip #2

Perfume  – keep it out of direct sunlight

Aside from coming in some of the most attractive of all beauty packaging, we agree there’s nothing better than leaving perfumes in full display. However, if you want your perfume scent to last longer, you may want to move your precious bottles to inside your bathroom cupboard or dressing table drawer. The fact is, when perfume bottles are in direct sunlight they’re at risk of damaging the fragrance over time. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can alter your perfume’s odour, harming top notes and it’s overall shelf life. We advise keeping fragrances in a cool dark place – whether it’s in a cupboard, drawer or a shelf that doesn’t see direct sunlight.

As for application, we recommend spritzing onto freshly moisturised skin as fragrances tend to evaporate quicker from drier skin. If there is a matching body lotion or bath line, use this too, as it will help to build the layers of fragrance on to the skin. It will also help the scent last longer meaning you won’t need a ‘touch-up’ spritz throughout the day.

beauty tips laura-chouette-Unsplash

Beauty tip #3

Shampoo and conditioner – use the right amount

It might seem like a blatantly obvious tip but using the right amount of shampoo and conditioner will help your products last longer. A common misconception is that using more shampoo and conditioner will make your hair cleaner or feel softer. This is simply not the case and will result in you running out much quicker than you need to. In fact, over-applying certain clarifying shampoos and intense conditioners could actually have an adverse effect on your hair, so it’s important to stick to the instructions.  

For short hair we advise using a 5p coin amount; medium hair, 10p coin amount and long hair 50p coin amount. When it comes to coarse hair, although you can get away using the same shampoo amount as fine hair, it’ll need double the amount of conditioner.

Regis Beauty Tips

This is because hair cuticles are much more raised in coarse hair compared to straight hair types, which is why it’s more susceptible to damage; water and humidity can pass through it more easily causing frizz. Extra conditioner on raised cuticles will help keep hair in place to prevent damage, but remember, a little bit goes a long way.

Another reason you might have felt the need to use more shampoo than required is down to your application. When you shampoo your hair, ensure you’re only adding product when your hair is 100% wet. If there are any parts that are dry, it will prevent the shampoo from dispersing evenly through your hair.

Skin care beauty tips pexels

Beauty tip #4

Skin care – simply use less

The temptation to tend to your skin’s every concern is at an all-time high right now, we get it. But there’s really no need to use all your skin care arsenal every day when at home. We recommend using a cleanser only once a day as you’re probably wearing less makeup and you’re also less exposed to pollution whilst you’re at home. Hence, there is less dirt to remove from your skin.

If you’re a lover of skin serums, we recommend using a light foam cleanser first as it removes surface oils. That way, when you apply the serum it’ll easily be able to penetrate the skin meaning you won’t need to use as much product.

We also suggest moving skincare out of direct sunlight to avoid your products from evaporating prematurely or becoming discoloured or formulas weakened.

Beauty tip #5

Hair conditioner – for silky smooth legs

If your conditioner is doing a “meh” job on your hair (probably one you didn’t buy from us, right?) don’t toss it just yet. Use your conditioner as a shaving cream instead and you’ll probably find that although it may not be right for your head, it works wonders for your legs. It’s creamy formula should help your legs feel silky smooth post-shave.

beauty tips pexels

Beauty tip #6

Don’t throw out your bronzer, just yet

If you’re about to throw out a bronzer that’s almost given its all—or turns out it isn’t quite the right shade to use on your face, hold your horses. Some of our clever clog beauty therapists advise mixing the remnants of your bronzer with a moisturizer to create a pretty, shimmery body lotion. Apply just like you would a highlighter to your arms and décolletage for a beautiful summer glow.

Beauty tip #7

Revive hardened nail polish

Rescue your shade of hardened-up nail lacquer by adding a couple drops of nail polish thinner (or one drop of nail polish remover). It’ll do wonders to liquidise that gloppy-feeling of an old nail polish, restoring consistency and usability!

Beauty tip #8

Don’t let the summer heat beat your eye pencil

During the hotter months, keep your eyeliners (pencil and gel) in the fridge. This strange but clever hack keeps them from getting too soft, so you won’t waste product through over-sharpening. Just keep out of the reach of children (and unsuspecting partners).

Final Word

If you hadn’t thought about preserving your beauty stash before you started #stayingathome, now is a good time to consider introducing the above tips into your beauty routine. If it means keeping a hold of your favourite products for a little while longer, we’re all for it.

Share your own beauty tips with us @regisuk and we’ll repost our favourite!

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