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How to Marie Kondo your beauty stash – and improve your mental health

Beauty Regis

We’re at home and completely obsessed with reorganising our beauty storage right now. Not only does it look nicer, but did you know that a decluttered space could help improve your mental health?

As we began settling into working from home and putting in place those all in important ‘divisions’ between work and home space, it got us thinking…

Part and parcel of creating a productive workspace, whether it’s your office desk or your dressing table, is organisation. A clutter free space not only creates a calming environment, but it also increases productivity and sparks that sense of KonMari ‘joy’.

In this guide, we look at ways to organise our beauty products and create areas of calm. Cluttered spaces can put us off using the area, and they also make it difficult to see the products we actually have. How many times have we pulled out an old hairspray or eyeshadow palette that we had completely forgotten about? Yeah, quite a few times, right?

It’s difficult to know where to begin sometimes, but we hope the following tips will help you on your way to a decluttered beauty zone.

Beauty storage tip #1

Get even untidier

No, this isn’t some sort of reverse psychology. What we mean is, get all your products and pile them up. Make sure you have quite a bit of space to do this as you’ll need to clearly see your entire beauty stash. It might be a good idea to lay things out on the floor or your bed – but be careful of broken eyeshadows and melted lipsticks… the last thing you want is for them to stain your carpet or bedsheets. So, you’ve been warned!

Beauty storage tip #2

The 12 month ‘throw out’ rule

Start putting to one side all of the products you haven’t used in the last 12 months. Know that this means they’re at risk of being thrown out. The reason we recommend using the ’12 month throw out’ rule is that it prevents you from using the excuse of seasonal usage; such as Christmas palettes or summer bronzers. It’s time to get brutal. If you haven’t used a lipstick in the last 12 months or had forgotten you even had it, how much do you really need it?

Beauty Regis

Beauty storage tip #3


Start grouping similar items together. Although at first this may not be the most exciting of tasks, you may surprise yourself. You may find that you’ll want to start using some of your older products again (you know, the ones you thought you’d lost).

For makeup we recommend breaking it down like this:

…and for hair products we recommend grouping like this:

Now that you’ve done the above, split skincare, hair care, perfume, nails and body products into separate piles and make another pile for all the ones you use every day (we’ll talk about these in a second).

Beauty storage tip #4

Invest in good storage

Is it too late to say that you probably needed to have bought your excellent new storage before you start piling up your beauty stash? Our bad. Though the decluttering of your products should actually help you decide on what (and how much) storage you need. So all is not lost. Storage is a great investment, especially when it comes to beauty products. We find that clear, acrylic storage is especially useful as you can see what’s in each compartment without having to rummage around messing up what’s probably taken you a good while to organise.

Alternative (and equally helpful) storage options are vanity cases with multiple compartments that tuck away neatly in cupboards or even under the bed. Another favourite of ours is a decorative tray to contain products on your dressing table – this will stop them from rolling around or falling on the floor.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t be put off when we say ‘invest in good storage’. We know that there are some pricey storage solutions online whereas in actual fact, you don’t have to spend lots of money. You may find that you can repurpose and redecorate shoe boxes, Tupperware containers or even used candle holders (these are great for storing makeup brushes, cotton pads or sponges). A favourite of ours is using an old canvas shoe rack (the kind you hang on the back of your door) as a holder for your straighteners, hairdryer and curlers.

Beauty Regis

Beauty storage tip #5

Start filing

Working through the categories one by one, file your products into your storage. Bulky or big products like body, hair and perfume products, are better in boxes or large vanity cases. Whereas finicky, littler products, like makeup, are always better stored away in drawers or smaller compartments like those acrylic storage units we mentioned earlier.

Finally, place all of the makeup products you use every day into a makeup bag, and arrange your everyday hair, body and perfume products beautifully on your dressing table or shelf. Ta-da!

Beauty Regis

Beauty storage tip #6

Get habitual about being clutter-free

Now that you’ve sorted your beauty products, it’s important to get disciplined about keeping your dressing area neat and tidy. Get into the habit of putting your products away straight after you’ve used them. Every item should have a home to prevent things piling up or getting pushed to the side for lack of storage. Remember, a decluttered home = a decluttered mind.

Beauty storage tip #7

Change your narrative about tidying up

When you realise that your mental and physical spaces are interconnected, you can create a powerful synergy to support your wellbeing, both in your space and in your mind.

Decluttering the home can feel like a daunting task. And sometimes letting go of things you no longer need can be difficult. This is especially true for things we attach sentimental values to. However, learning to reframe our narrative can be a great motivational tool. Letting go of things we no longer need is simply about making space for the new. Whether it’s a new house project, relationship or simply just new haircare and beauty products, these are all good reasons to declutter.

If the thought of throwing things away seems like a waste, try recycling or if appropriate make a charitable donation. An added feel-good factor from decluttering.

Another way to keep your space de-cluttered is to observe the ‘less is more’ rule. The less you have coming in, the more mental space you have for being present and enjoying the joy in life.

Lastly, introduce a little tidying into everyday life, rather than waiting for it to become an unmanageable task. Build your ‘organisation muscle’ and set yourself house rules that are at the forefront of your mind. Not only will this make chores easier for you but it will also support your daily well-being – and mental health.

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