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New Year Hair & Beauty Resolutions

With a new year upon us we’re all starting to think about the changed we’d like to make to look and feel better. Making big changes to your lifestyle can be pretty overwhelming so this year we’ve decided to make the little things matter and embrace a few small changes we can make to our hair and beauty regime that over big, long-term results…

1. Banish nail biting… This is a habit that springs from childhood for many of us so it’s not the easiest to break but it is doable! If your nail chomping is caused by anxiety or stress, try finding an alternative release such as yoga, meditation or even knitting! Next, keep your nails trimmed short to reduce the temptation and treat yourself to a regular manicure. Trust us, you won’t want to destroy nails you’ve invested in and look amazing! Gel manicures are particularly resilient so will make it harder for you to gnaw away at your talons.

2. Invest in a serum… There’s no denying that serums are the beauty hero of the moment. With a range of benefits including fighting the signs of ageing and enriching ingredients for a glowing complexion, they’re certainly more than just a passing fad. If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, we recommend the Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum to give your complexion an instant lift. For oily skin, try Sothys Purify Serum to absorb excess oil for a matte, soft finish.

3. Intensive conditioning… Reap the rewards of three-step hair care by adding an intensive hair treatment to your haircare regime for healthy-looking, super-soft locks. Alongside your usual shampoo and conditioner, using the complementary treatment mask will work to deeply nourish your tresses to repair and revive each strand. For help finding your perfect haircare trio, have a read of our guide to three-step haircare.

(Image: WestEnd61/REX)

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