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Ravishing Reds – Our Top Redhead Celebs

When we saw that Rachel McAdams had ditched her blonde bombshell look for an of the moment copper hue, we couldn’t help thinking about our favourite celebrities who’ve embraced bold red hues to make a statement. Whether natural redheads or simply devotees of the salon chair, we love a standout auburn style.

Fashion favourite Emma Stone may be rocking her natural blonde these days, but it was a deep copper red that launched her into our hearts. She was famously persuaded to change her colour by a director, and he couldn’t have got it more right. We love the lighter shades, but still hope Emma decides to go back to red tones some time soon.

Christina Hendricks in her role in Mad Men has undoubtedly brought the fire back to redheads, with a head to toe look that turns heads everywhere she goes. The bright shade of her copper hair doesn’t phase her from wearing a bold red lip, proving this hair colour is just as versatile as the rest.

If you dare to go all out, unnatural shades of red are always a hit for ladies with attitude. Rihanna has tried just about every hair style and colour under the sun, but we were particular fans of her pillarbox red phase – a bright and headline grabbing shade for almost every skin-tone.

Whatever your hair type, there’s a shade on the red spectrum for everyone, if you dare!

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