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Regis Salons: Get Our Latest Styles for 2012 Now!

Want to know what’s hot for 2012? Dying to know what latest trends are hitting the high street? Want to stay ahead of the game? Look no further than our brand new styles for 2012.

We’ve got six new styles for this season that are sure to blow you away, of which you can see in the behind the scenes video above, and here’s a brief description of each:

the Boyfriend
For all of you tomboys out there, this is the style for you. No one said tomboys can’t be sexy too. This style is all about living carefree. It’s short and easy to manage, but above all, it’s simply beautiful.

the Rebel
Show them you mean business with this rebellious little number. This style will make you look like a pop icon, who knows what she wants, and when she wants it. Dare to be bold, look to the stars, and once you been up there you know you’ve been someplace.

the Graduate
“Are you trying to seduce me?” So sophisticated is this look it’s hard not to throw your shoulders back, lift your head up high and strut along the streets like you own them. That’s the power of the bob.

the Wild One
We’re back in the era of James Dean, Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley, as the Wild One is a retro-look style brimming with vintage cool and modern character.

the Goodfella
There’s nothing funny about this look, just pure bang-on-trend style! A short, back and sides for the uber-trendy man about town.

the Last Tango
Whether strolling around Paris for a weekend of love or a night on the town with the girls, this classic style will certainly have the guys turning their heads. The fringe will not only transform your hair, it’ll transform the look of your entire face, making you look more slender.

Take a look at the Regis Salons Facebook page to see all the styles together here. We’ll also be posting each style seperately on the blog over the coming weeks.



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