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The ‘S-bend’ tutorial that will change the way you wave your hair

S bend tutorial Regis salons

Another #lockdown week, means another hair tutorial. This time we’re going to help you create the popular (and sexy) S-bend wave in your hair – all with your hair straightener. Also referred to as a ‘flat wave’ you’ve probably seen this look on numerous celebrity Instagram feeds. Our favourite looks so far have been Kim K, Margot Robbie, Kate Bosworth and Lucy Boynton. Ranging from cute, chic and sexy – the ‘S-bend’ wave is a game-changer.  

Kim Kardashian Instagram S Bend Wave hair
Margot Robbie Instagram S Bend Wave hair
Kate Bosworth Instagram S Bend Wave hair
Lucy Boynton Instagram S Bend Wave hair

So, wash your hair, blow dry it straight and settle in for our straight-forward tutorial on the classic S-bend wave.

S-Bend Wave Step #1:

Part your hair in the centre

Using a pin tail comb for added accuracy, part your hair the middle. You might be thinking, ‘why in the middle?’, but we feel the S-bend wave takes its best form when evenly framing the face. If you need tips in how to rock a centre parting regardless of your face shape, check out our centre parting how-to guide.

S bend wave tutorial Regis UK

S-Bend Wave Step #2:

Smooth your hair

Rub a high performing serum or oil (we recommend the Morrocanoil Treatment) in the palms of your hands and distribute evenly through the mid-lengths and ends. Smooth the product through your hair with ghd paddle brush.

S-Bend Wave Step #3:

Prep your hair

Spray hair all over with the ghd curl hold spray to help add definition to your wave and protect against heat styling.

S-Bend Wave Step #4:

Begin the S-bend wave

Using your ghd straighteners start clamping the hair (gently) into an S-shape bend. Do not glide the straighteners as you would normally, instead clamp-press down the entire length of hair. Follow the bend all the way until the end, taking sections and repeating the method until you finish the whole side.

Tip: hold the section of hair just below the straighteners and gently push upwards to help create a natural ‘bend’ in the hair. Use this as a guide when deciding where to clamp the straighteners.

S bend wave tutorial Regis UK
S bend wave tutorial Regis UK

S-Bend Wave Step #5:

…and repeat

Repeat the method on the opposite side. Or, if you’d prefer to concentrate the wave around your face, focus on creating waves throughout your face-framing sections, as shown here:

S bend wave tutorial Regis UK

S-Bend Wave Step #6:

Complete the look

Finish the look with shine spray and hairspray and gently brush through for a relaxed, natural look.

S bend wave tutorial Regis UK
S bend wave tutorial Regis UK

And that’s it! It might seem pretty apparent now, having read the step by steps, why it’s called a ‘flat wave’ style. The flat iron presses the hair down, rather than wrapping the hair around a tong which creates volume. We love this flat S-wave style as it’s an understated (but equally chic) way to inject life into hair without going overboard with volume. You’ll be seeing natural, face-framing waves everywhere this summer (even if it is from the comfort of your own home) – and as usual, we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

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