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Summer SOS: Holiday Hair Problems Solved

When it comes to our summer holiday – or even the oh-so-elusive UK heatwave – we’re all aware of how much protection our skin needs from the sun. But what about our hair? From chlorine drying it out to roots looking permanently oily, holidays can play havoc with our hair. Thankfully, a bit of preparation and packing the right products is all it takes to battle the elements and leave your locks in perfect condition.

Holiday Hair Tip 1: Prep Your Hair

A week or two before you set off, it’s a good idea to book yourself in for a trim and a moisturizing treatment at your local Regis salon. Split ends are more prone to damage from the sun, so getting rid of these before you go will keep your hair looking much better from the beginning. A conditioning treatment will also ensure that your hair’s as nourished as it can be, making it less likely to dry out once the temperature soars. Getting your colour topped up before you go? Make sure you opt for our brand new bond strengthening treatment, which will keep your hair damage-free and feeling as great as it looks.

Holiday Hair Tip 2: Rinse and Repeat

Both chlorine and salt water can dry out your hair, leaving it feeling crisp and stiff. After you’ve got out of the pool or sea, the best thing to do is to rinse your hair straight away with fresh water. For extra moisture, you can also spritz a leave-in conditioner through the lengths of your hair.
Regis Recommends: TIGI S-Factor Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray

Holiday Hair Tip 3: Handle the Humidity

If you have anything other than naturally poker straight hair, the chances are that humidity will leave you with some kind of frizz. To counteract this, you need to add moisture to your hair so that it doesn’t absorb as much from the outside. A hydrating shampoo and conditioner pair is the best way to do this, followed by a lightweight oil.
Regis Recommends: MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner Duo, DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Restoring Oil


Holiday Hair Tip 4: Use Protection

We’re all used to applying sunscreen for our skin while we’re away, but our hair is also at risk of being damaged by sun exposure. Choose products specifically designed to help protect hair from the risks of UV rays, such as the System Professional Solar range. These products contain UV filters, and also protect hair from the potential damage from salt water and chlorine.
Regis Recommends: System Professional Solar Sun Oil, System Professional Solar Hydro Repair Cream

Holiday Hair Tip 5: Soak It Up

As you sweat more and come into contact with oily lotions, your roots are likely to look greasier than normal – which will definitely affect how likely you are to frame that holiday photo. Rather than constantly washing your hair, use a hair powder or dry shampoo on the roots to soak up any excess oil and keep hair feeling fresher.
Regis Recommends: Moroccanoil Dark Dry Shampoo

Holiday Hair Tip 6: Get Styled

Wearing long hair loose can make you feel even hotter on holiday, but tying it back doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your style. Braids and buns are both on-trend this summer, so you can keep your hair off your face while still looking great. Check out our easy Rope Braid Tutorial for an easy look that can take you from beach to bar.

With your holiday hair problems solved and your locks tamed, you can concentrate on the important things in life – such as which cocktail you’re going to have next!

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