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Summer Brown Hair Colours

Who said blondes had more fun?! Okay, we’re guilty but that’s only because we love you light-haired goldilocks and those of you with chocolate tresses equally. Summer is usually a time for experimenting with your hair colour and often means going at least a few shades lighter. However this year we’re turning all style logic on its head and championing the brunette as your must-have summer shade.

Picture it now – your beautiful brown hair shining in the sun with the light catching every different rich tone. You devout blondes are almost convinced, right? From deep caramels and mahogany auburns to cool cocoa browns and inky ebonies, there is a shade on the brunette spectrum to suit every style, skin tone and hair type. Whether you choose a bold block colour to make a statement or a collection of highlights for a more natural finish, chocolate locks will enhance that golden glow and compliment any seasonal outfit.

For those of you with a paler skin tone, avoid looking washed out by steering clear of super-dark ashy tones as these will be too harsh on your delicate complexion. Instead opt for something with warm caramel or red undertones to enhance your natural colour. For those with a darker tone that is prone to tanning, stay a way from golden shades that will end up looking too unnatural against your skin.

Aside from looking positively delicious, dark hair can also be a saving grace for hair during the warmer months when its more vulnerable to sun exposure and heat damage. Bleaching weakens the hair and lessens its defences against the harshness of UVA/UVB rays and heat so joining the dark side will be a breath of fresh air for your locks. Keep your colour in check with the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo, which uses an ultra-gentle formula to cleanse the hair without stripping colour away. Its unique AntiFadeComplex will have your ‘do looking as vibrant and healthy as when you stepped out of the salon.

Undergoing a full-blown makeover or even just altering your already dark shade ever so slightly can seem daunting when there is so many colours and tones to choose from. That’s why our team of Wella trained experts are always on hand to help you find the hue for you so pop into your nearest salon for a free colour consultation and some friendly guidance.

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