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Summer Hair Protection

Summer can do great things for your locks; it can bring out those gorgeous natural highlights that usually require hours in the salon and feed it plenty of vitamin D, which is vital for healthy hair. However exposure to heat and UVA/UVB rays can be extremely damaging and cause weakening, breakage, severe dehydration and even discolouration. All of these pesky issues are easily avoided though and we are here to share our advice on protecting your hair during the summer and point you towards the best products to use.

As soon as the sun starts peeking around the clouds our Regis experts just can’t stop talking about the L’Oreal Solar Sublime range! The collection includes a luxurious shampoo and hair mask to replenish the hair moisture after a long hard day soaking up rays. We also suggest getting your hands on the conditioning spray as this is an absolute must-have for summer hair care. The light formula is ideal for leaving in the hair while you’re out and about to enhance its defences against sun and heat exposure. (Top tip: apply a small amount to the hair whenever you get out of the pool or sea to nourish the hair while helping you tease out any tangles!)

A change in seasons is often the time when you get the itch to change your hair colour and during the summer, this often means going lighter. Coloured hair lets you express your seasonal style and personal taste but leaves the hair weaker and more vulnerable to damage. The Kerastase Aqua Seal spray is holy-grail for those of you with chemically treated tresses. The unique formula uses silicone to create a waterproof barrier, which protects the hair from the elements leaving it smooth, silky and a picture of health. Its UV filters and added vitamin B5 also helps the hair retain as much moisture as it can. We don’t want to blind you with science but send this product straight to the top of your summer shopping list!

This doesn’t mean you natural-haired beauties get away with abandoning your summer haircare routine though! You wouldn’t leave the house without applying a sunscreen to your skin during the summer, right? So why treat your precious locks any differently? After you’re done catching up on the RE:EDIT blog, head on over to our online store and stock up on the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo. This gentle formula cleanses the hair, removing and build up of product and debris, using advanced technology containing UVA/UVB sunscreens.

Picking the right products for your hair type is key to protecting your hair during the summer but regular trims are also essential. We may sound like a broken record but keeping on top of your six-weekly trims will banish frazzled ends and keep your locks looking and feeling full of vitality as you sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Find your nearest store with our online salon locator and your Regis stylist will be more than happy to help out.

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