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The Pre-Holiday Beauty Checklist

In the run-up to a holiday, there are always plenty of things on your to-do list. Have you exchanged your money? Found a cat-sitter?  Checked that your passport is still in date (at least ten times)? Well, we suggest you put all of these things to one side and concentrate on the most important list of all: your pre-holiday beauty checklist. Tick these treatments off your list before you go and ensure that you land looking and feeling your best.


Don’t let stubbly legs or armpit hair re-growth put a downer on your beach day; have a wax before you go away and you can enjoy a hair-free, carefree holiday. Waxes can last between 2-8 weeks, so we definitely recommend that you book in to salon before you go on a long trip. At Regis, we only use the advanced PHD waxing system, guaranteeing the most effective and hygenic wax available. Take care of your legs, armpits and bikini line in one appointment so you can go away perfectly preened.


A fresh pop of colour on your nails will get you in the holiday spirit faster than you can say ‘Pina Colada, por favor‘. For a chip-free finish that will last, a gel manicure and pedicure is a must. This involves a thick, gel polish being used in place of normal nail polish, as it can last on your nails for between 10-14 days.


The last thing you want to do on holiday is worry about applying makeup; but the chances are that you still want to look glamorous in those holiday snaps. You can choose to get your lashes tinted for a pretty mascara-free look, or really open up your eyes with professionally-applied eyelash extensions.

Spray Tan

By now, we all know better than to sizzle out in the sun for hours on end. If you want to look gorgeously bronzed on your holiday while keeping your skin safe, a spray tan is the perfect solution. If you’re going away for a long weekend, then your spray tan will look fantastic for the full trip. But if you’re going away for a bit longer, then make sure you pack some moisturiser – or better yet, a moisturising gradual tan – to extend the life of your tan and help it fade evenly.

Conditioning Treatment

If you read our Summer SOS: Holiday Hair Problems Solved blog, then you’ll know that the key to keeping your hair looking great on holiday is in the prep. Split ends are more susceptible to damage from the sun, so if you already have these before you go then your hair might end up looking in even worse condition while you’re away. Book in for a quick trim before you go to remove dead ends, and treat your hair to a conditioning treatment too. This will give your locks a nourishing dose of moisture before you expose it to dry heat at the beach.


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