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The SOS Hair Treatment You Need In Your Life

Regis Salons UK Model TIGI Copyright SOS Treatment

We’re all after dreamily soft, smooth and shiny hair that’s ‘effortlessly’ natural and healthy-looking. It’s a given. If you’re fed up of looking at your dry, damaged and dull hair – you need to keep reading. If hair masks and treatment oils aren’t cutting it for you – you need to keep reading. It’s high time you tried out the TIGI SOS Recovery Treatment, and rescue your damaged hair.

The transition of seasons can take its toll on our hair. Not to mention it can also be hell-ish deciding what to wear – is it too early to bring out our comfy cardigans? Combine wardrobe confusion with frizz inducing humidity and balmy coldish air and it can leave us feeling a little perplexed. Oh, and don’t get us started on those April downpours where it feels like our hair is eternally hidden away under a hood or brolly. The unpredictable weather coupled with daily styling can wreak havoc on our hair, unless we give it the proper care and attention it needs.

The elements, as well as regular heat styling and cosmetic chemicals, can all cause hair to become weak over time, losing its natural shine and colour vibrancy. Despite a plethora of serums, treatment oils and hair masks available, (which are all great by the way and certainly have their uses), sometimes our hair just screams for a more intense, in-salon solution.

Over the years our stylists have listened to numerous hair woes, and one common theme which kept cropping up, no matter the weather, was hair health. Virgin hair, essentially, is the healthiest as it’s not been chemically treated and stands a better chance against the elements than say, bleached hair. But hey, where’s the fun in that?

We understand that beautiful hair means strong, shiny and hydrated – no matter your hair type or if you choose to colour it. So with that said, we’re proud to introduce the TIGI Copyright SOS Recovery Treatment – now available in all Regis Salons in the UK.

Treating hair from the inside out (quite literally) the SOS treatment is clinically proven to repair internal cuticle damage and return hair back to its virgin state in just 5 minutes.*

The SOS treatment works to repair and replace lost Keratin up to 100 times more than just using shampoo and conditioner alone. Having heard all the wonder stories and testimonials, our stylists decided to check it out for themselves – and the results are in…

*when used as a system, reduction in breakage vs non-conditioning shampoo.
Regis Salons UK Model TIGI Copyright SOS Treatment

It repairs hair from the inside out

The TIGI Copyright SOS Recovery Treatment contains a nourishing concoction of natural ingredients as well as an expert blend of keratin, lipids and coconut oil. It also contains TIGI’s very own Colour Care Complex formula, which is used to protect hair against future damage.

By gently massaging the treatment into the lengths of wet hair, the treatment penetrates individual hair cuticles with these lush ingredients, allowing it to repair damage from the inside. Although it’s great to use hair masks and treatment oils at home, they don’t necessarily have the power to transfuse into the hair cuticle quite like this.

As the treatment is thoroughly rinsed off it cleverly closes the hair cuticle back up, securing and retaining its strengthening qualities inside each hair strand, for long lasting shine and hydration.

By tackling damage from the inside, the treatment can strengthen hair fibre, leaving hair feeling healthy and naturally shiny. This means you won’t have to rely so heavily on serums and styling oils to achieve that sought-after glossy effect.

The treatment is bespoke to you

The great thing about this salon treatment is that our stylists can create a bespoke treatment to suit your hair’s needs.

Infused with the TIGI Colour Care Complex, the accompanying TIGI Copyright Repair Shampoo & Repair Conditioner help to provide a custom repair system to strengthen bonds within the hair fibre. This duo will allow your stylist to repair internal and external damage, whilst protecting your strands against future damage. To keep your hair protected for longer, our stylists will also recommend an at-home hair care regime where you’ll notice an impressive amount of moisture retainment post-treatment.

Regis TIGI Copyright SOS Treatment In Salon

It’s a quick process

The SOS treatment’s intense formula means your hair will be treated in just 5 minutes, meaning you won’t have to endure a long wait at the wash basin, waiting for the treatment to work its magic. As it’s such as a quick process, you’ll most likely find yourself booking in for this treatment in between your usual cut and colour appointments. Take advantage of pre-conditioning and strengthening your hair prior, during or after colour appointments as well as giving your hair a regular ‘MOT’ throughout the year, whether you colour it or not.

It’s affordable

Priced at just £15, the TIGI Copyright SOS Treatment is excellent value for money. Considering the strong, soft, silky-smooth and shiny hair you’ll be left with post-treatment, it’s seriously worth it. We can’t get enough of it, and we’re sure you’ll be feeling the same too after just one treatment.

Watch the video:

Final Word

Looking after your hair is so important.  Healthy hair means we get to do all the things to help cosmetically enhance the appearance of our hair, whether it’s through colour or a stylish cut. However, a beautiful cut and colour will only look as good as the hair will allow. So, the healthier your mane is the more you’ll be able to do with it. After all, great hair makes for a great first impression, don’t you think? Not to mention it’s an ideal way to showcase your own personal style, so keeping it in tip top shape is a must according to the experts.

Book in for the TIGI Copyright SOS Recovery Treatment and show off your new manes with us on Instagram! Just be sure to tag us @regisuk and we’ll repost our faves!

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