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Tips to Grow Long Hair

Lots of us envy women with super long, real locks in great condition. If you’re trying to encourage your hair to grow, or just trying to make the most of your long locks’ health we’re here to help. With the right products your can keep your hair strong, long and growing to its best, so we’ve put together some of our favourite products that are specially designed to help you meet your growing goals.

The key to maintaining long length hair is ensuring your hair is healthy and strong from root to tip – after all, the better the condition of your strands, the less you’ll need to lose from your length when having regular trims.

Healthy, well styled and great looking hair starts from the shower, so choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your needs is a must. The Moisture Repair range by Moroccanoil is ideal for those who want to rescue hair that’s limp or breaks easily – a common problem preventing healthy long hair growth. This shampoo and conditioner combo repairs the hair and protects it from further damage, giving it the strong regrowth you want to keep it long and luxurious.

For a more indulgent range that’s worth the extra, our stylists recommend Kérastase Cristalliste. This range is the three step hair routine that the Kérastase experts call their “Best kept secret for long hair”. The range includes shampoo, deep conditioning milk and a rich serum that combine to create the ultimate in glossy, strengthened strands that resist splitting and breakage. Perfect for giving hair strength as you grow, you can get Bain Cristal, Lait Cristal and Limiere Liquide in salons, starting at £16 each.

Preventing breakage and weakening of hair is just as important while styling. Prevent the damage of the hairbrush becoming too much for your hair with Redken Extreme Anti-Snap. This leave-in treatment smoothes the cuticle to reduce friction from brush, and helps fortify the hair against splitting and snapping. With a protein-rich formula, you can get great length without sacrificing your ability to style your hair as you please.

Still unsure about reaching for your straightening irons while you’re trying for new lengths? Try an effortlessly fashionable look that doesn’t need brushes or heat styling with Fudge Salt Spray. Create bold beachy waves and you’ll never overdose on heat styling again, allowing your hair to heal and grow to your heart’s content.


What are your must-have tips for great growth? Are you a long hair addict? Tell us below.

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