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We know you love your ghds and creating incredible styles with heat can be hard to resist this party season – especially if you’ve just been gifted a brand new styler! It’s no secret that high temperatures can be tough on your locks, so take a look at our tips to minimise the damage and maximise your style all at once – the surefire steps to amazing ghd styling without the hair hangover.

1. The Prep

Like every great hairstyle, it starts with your shampoo. This Matrix shampoo & conditioner duo is specifically designed to protect hair against heat damage straight out of the shower, with Xyclose and Hydra sugars that provide a protective layer to your hair. That means it’s protected against temperatures up to 232 degrees, so even those of us who need extreme heat are ready to shine.

2. Before You Blowdry

Before your ghd styler even touches your hair, it’s time to blow dry and the heat is on. Take steps to protect from the word go with Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer, formulated to minimise your blow drying time, which means less heat. For an added bonus: it comes with added volume and 24 hour hold built in. Gorgeous!

3. Heat Protection

Before you create your chosen style, whether it’s luscious curls or poker straight, it’s time to get serious with heat protection. Trust the experts themselves with this ghd Remedy Cream Triple Pack. Three products that pack a real punch, protecting your hair and perfecting your style from root to tip. Designed especially to work with your ghd styler, you know you’re in the hands of the professionals.

4. Set It

All that gorgeous styling shouldn’t go unfinished, so seal in your look for longer lasting results with the right hairspray. We love Fudge Skyscraper, a medium hold all rounder that works for straight styles, heated curls and everything in between. It disappears with a simple brush stroke too, meaning you can switch up your style from day to night in an instant.

5. Restore

If you’re simply so in love with your brand new styler that you’re using it day after day, it’s important to take time out to nourish your hair back to health. Used once weekly, this Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask can help restore your hair’s natural sparkle and inject some much needed moisture thanks to its argan oil formula.

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