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Valentine’s Day Hair

Perfect your Valentine’s Day look with these beautiful date hair ideas by our UK Creative Director, Kieron Fowles

kieron valentines 2

Look One: Elegant Updo

Step One: Smooth Designline Root Boost Volumizing Foam through towel-dried lengths and ends before blow drying.

Step Two: Once hair is dry, comb through TIGI Bed Head Control Freak and loosely curl 2-3 inch sections using the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand. Brush through with a paddle brush to soften and spray with Sebastian Shine Shaker.

Step Three: Separate the hair horizontally, as if you were creating a half-up, half down style. Secure the bottom section out of the way for now.

Step Four: Gently backcomb the roots of the top section to add lift, before gathering the hair together and twisting it. Secure in place using hair pins.

Step Five: Release the bottom section of hair and gather together with the top section into a loose ponytail. Roll the ponytail up on itself, finishing just beneath the twist and pin into place.

Step Six: Pull a few strands loose to frame the face and create a more effortless finish. Seal with a spritz of Redken Quick Dry.

kieron valentines 1

Look Two: Twisted Ponytail

Step One: Begin by curling the hair, following step one from the previous style and smooth down with Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops.

Step Two: Separate hair into two sections, pinning the hair in front of your ears out of the way.

Step Three: Split the remaining hair into three sections. Secure the middle section with a loose elastic before pushing the ponytail through itself (above the elastic) to create a twist.

Step Four: Backcomb the remaining outer sections before bringing the left section across the centre ponytail and wrapping it around the base. Repeat with the right section.

Step Five: Release the front section of hair and gently bring back small sections at a time, pinning them into the central twist.

Step Six: Leave a few strands loose at the front and finish with a spritz of Designline Freeze Spray Firm Hold Mist.

kieron valentines look 3

Look Three: Side Twist

Step One: Start by curling the hair as above.

Step Two: Split hair into two sections and loosely wrap around each other until you reach the end of the hair, secure with hair elastic and a spritz of Sebastian Shaper Fierce.

Step Three: Loosen a few stands around the face and down the length of the twist for a more dishevelled look. For extra volume at the roots, lightly backcomb before creating the twist.


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