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X Factor Live Shows: Week 8

A somber mood in the X Factor camp this week after the shock departure of Ella Henderson in last week’s deadlock, and it’s also left us quite short on hairstyles to swoon over. As much as we love you, Jahmene, your super-cropped hair does have its limitations when we want to discuss style possibilities… maybe shake things up a bit and have a pattern shaved in to the side like JB from JLS for the finals?

The theme this week was ABBA vs Motown – which was a little confusing at first, as no one seemed to be singing any Motown, then we realized everyone got to sing two songs each (one ABBA, one Motown, so simple). Highlight of the performances was Jahmene’s amazing name in lights – anyone watching will agree that they were totally jealous of it, and who wouldn’t be?!

Nicole was our Saturday winner in the style-stakes, wearing an amazing salmon Boudicca geisha dress, with her hair in a messy up-do with a slight quiff and backcombed ponytail. She continued to stun in Sunday’s show, wearing an elegant, close-fitting Topshop pearl gown (oh for a figure that can be poured in to a dress like that!), with her hair down in waves with her quiff still in place. Dreamy!

Tulisa didn’t wow us too much on Saturday with her grey mini dress with a long train, paired with a slightly underwhelming side ponytail – however, Sunday’s show saw a completely different woman, as Tulisa arrived on to the show wearing a very chic Victoria Beckham dress with her hair down and poker straight. We knew you could do better, Tulisa!

Best hair out of the boys for us was Rylan, who had perfected the slick-back look – no undercut, not a hair out of place, and not a movement made. He was backed by some Supremes-alike dancers, with outrageous purple afro wigs for his Motown medley – maybe not a look we’ll be trying ourselves but perfect for a Rylan stage spectacular!

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Rylan’s week, as Tulisa chose Union J over him, sending the Essex boy home (Tulisa, how could you, we thought he was your favourite!). Finally, one of Nicole’s acts is out!

The shock for everyone this week was leaked news that Christopher Maloney has been consistently the people’s favourite on the phone vote since he was in the bottom two, way back at the beginning of the show. We’re wondering whether this leak of information might be some sort of tactic by the shows producers to get people to stop voting for Christopher? Or for more ratings? Or are we being overly suspicious? Roll on next week – not long til the final now!

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