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6 trending hairstyles you’ll see everywhere in 2020

Hairstyles Jennifer Lawrence the money piece blonde updo

If you’ve been toying with the idea of changing your hairstyle or dabbling in a new colour, now is the perfect time to switch it up.

After all, a new season (and decade) is on the horizon and with that, fresh new hairstyles are emerging, and inspiration is abundant. All you need to do is look to recent Fashion Week shows or scroll through Instagram to find a plethora of hair inspo from models, celebs and influencers alike. But hey, why waste your time doing that when you can get everything you need by scrolling through our fave hairstyles below?

In case you didn’t know…

First time you’ve dropped by here for some hairstyle inspo?

Just know that we love transforming high-end fashion trends into wearable, high street styles that you can wear day in and day out. So, don’t let this list of catwalk or celeb inspo daunt you as we’ll let you know exactly how you can create your very own versions of these hairstyles. Helping you to tailor hair trends to your own personal taste is what we’re all about!

Hairstyles for 2020 that you can count on…

So that we can provide you with some guidance amid the onslaught of hairstyles out there, we consulted some of our leading in-house hair experts for their take on trending cuts, colours and styles for spring/summer 2020.

So, if you fancy a new ‘do, keep scrolling for (and prepare to screenshot) the ‘it’-looks of the coming season – and decade!

#1 Chandelier layers

The 2020 version of mermaid beachy waves? Chandelier layers. Perfect for long to medium-length hair, this hairstyle works well with all hair types, and can be easily adjusted for your face shape or hair colour. These layers fall freely yet precisely, helping to add volume that won’t easily be weighed down or flattened throughout the day. Typically, chandelier layers consist of long layers at the back that graduate into smooth, soft layers towards the sides and front. Face framing layers is still the name of the game, and with a quick couple of flicks from your straightener you’ll be able to create this luxurious looking style.

Hairstyles Instagram @SalonBlanc Chandelier Layers
Hairstyles chandelier layers Instagram @jamiegenevieve

#2 Bronde

When it comes to hair colour, if you can’t make up your mind about going lighter for spring (or summer), then ‘bronde’ is the shade for you. A warm and glossy look, we’re sure that you’ll love this hair colour as it’s achievable, wearable and low maintenance. Those three magic words! 

The key to this look is to visit the experts (like us 😉) to ensure your colour is professionally applied. Keeping hair super healthy with salon quality hair care products will also help to protect your shade at home for longer. The great thing about being a bronde is that you literally get the best of being both a brunette and a blonde. Not to mention the copious amounts of golden tones and hues you’ll be permitting your stylist to play with – all in the name of natural looking, beautiful hair!

We recommend:

#3 The wet look

Miley Cyrus Hairstyles wet look
Hairstyles wetlook Versace MFW 2019 SS20

2020 is no time to be afraid of hair gel. Overcome your fear (and presumption that hair gel is just for the guys!) and create your own version of this popular look. You don’t need to drench your hair from root to tip as though you’re on a Kim K photoshoot either, (I mean, you’ll end up washing your hair everyday and who has time for that?). Instead, all you need to do is opt for high shine and high gloss. Achieve this by using a high-end conditioner and thoroughly nourish your locks. Naturally shiny hair is no longer just a way to showcase healthy hair, it’s now a hair trend of its own measure. Apply hair gel from your mid lengths to ends, building product up slowly so that you’re not left with sopping wet hair, and spritz with a high shine spray to finish your look. The 2020 update to this look is that it’s not just limited to straight, catwalk-esqe hair, and works just as well on naturally wavy hair. Super, right?

We recommend:

#4 Floating fringe

Sometimes, a simple fringe is all it takes to completely transform your look. If you’re considering bangs, but anxious about taking the fringe too deep into your hairline, try a floating fringe like Dua Lipa. A floating fringe hovers (or rather floats) just above the eyebrows and can be flirty yet serious. It’s also a length that can be easily played around with as you’ll be able to blow dry it smooth and straight or piece it apart for a softer, choppier feel. The floating fringe is a perfect fit for 2020 if you ask us.

Hairstyles Dua Lip floating fringe

#5 Long lob

In 2019 we saw the prevalence of the lob. But 2020’s redux on this chic look bears a slight extension on the original. It sits comfortably on or slightly past the collarbone and can be worn polka straight or elegantly wavy. No longer is this length the uncomfortable inbetween stage of someone growing their hair long or not getting around to trimming their shoulder length hair – this is a length in its own right. We love this look as it’s long enough to still play around with cute updos and ponytails, but it’s still short enough to make for easy styling and manageability. Spoiler alert: we reckon it’s even easier to style than the original.

#6 The money piece

We all remember Beyoncé debuting this style for summer 2019, but we’re certain we’ll be seeing this trend all over the high streets in 2020. Aptly named ‘the money piece’, this colour style includes a bright frame around the front hairline [which has been] personalised after lightening the rest of the hair. Not only does this technique lift your natural complexion, it also makes the rest of your hair colour pop thanks to its flattering contrast. It’ll also grow out very gently and will require minimal upkeep or maintenance. This is particularly great for brunettes, as it gives you the opportunity to subtly add dimension and the illusion of brighter hair, without having to go crazy with the lightener. But that’s not to say existing blondes can’t nab themselves a money piece, it all comes down to colour placement and stylist expertise. We see the money piece remaining a big trend for the coming season, if not the decade.

Hairstyles Beyonce money piece
Hairstyles Jennifer Lawrence the money piece blonde updo

The final word…

2020 is all about reimagining our own perception of beauty. Trending hairstyles for the months ahead (at the very least) will be all about personalised cuts and bespoke colours; all of which are heavily reliant on salon expertise. Create your own rules. Create your own looks. Create your own version of beautiful hair and book in with the experts at Regis.  

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