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9 big hair trends for SS19 – as predicted by our expert stylists

Bee Shaffer Met Gala

Summer’s nearly here, and we’re already getting that (all too familiar) itch to completely reinvent our look. Question is, should we be looking at sleek bobs, curly manes or beachy waves? And what about hair colour? Metallic grey was certainly this spring’s stand-out colour but summer’s a different beast and we’ve seen a whole lot of pink at this year’s Coachella festival…

Rather than leave it all to chance, we decided to ask some of our top stylists for the low down on this season’s hottest trends, and boy did they deliver!

Below, you’ll find a detailed run-down of SS19’s must-have styles – from blunt bobs to the reinvented shag and everything in between. You’ll also find a few notes on care and maintenance, as well as some top tips from our resident experts.

1. Blunt Bobs

Edgy, sleek and undeniably sophisticated, the blunt bob is always a great choice for summer. This statement style will instantly elevate your everyday look; what with its angular lines and chic silhouette. But the blunt bob isn’t all haute couture: Pair it with a sundress or boyshorts and presto! You’ve got yourself a laid-back look that’s perfect for beach parties, picnics or those inescapable summer garden parties…

Irina Shayk bob Instagram

Blunt bobs are something of a blank canvas in terms of texture too. You can do like blunt bob queen Kim K and wear them poker straight, which is a fab idea if you’re trying to really amp up those ultra-polished vibes. Irina Shayk looked like a goddess when she debuted her short sleek ‘do. Even Khloe jumped on the blunt bob vibe earlier this year and we know Khlo is no stranger to switching up her style. Over the last year she’s been through every length and a lotta styles but it seems like she’s finally found ‘the one’ and it’s come in the shape of a rounded bob. We reckon she’ll stick with this style for a while, bar the odd hair extension here and there as needed for her glam-squad induced photoshoots.

Now if the polished look is a little too, well, polished, for your liking then you can add some subtle waves or flick the ends inwards for a bit of extra oomph like Karlie Kloss, for a super-cute feel that’s very SS19. Just be aware that throwing in too much wave *will* detract from the precise lines of this cut!

It’s also important to remember that blunt bobs do require a bit more maintenance than your average haircut. See, each individual hair on your head grows at a slightly different rate but this style is all about neat and even lines, which means that you’ll have to have them trimmed every 3-4 weeks. You’ll probably have to spend a bit more time styling your hair in the morning too, cos you can’t throw a blunt bob up into a quick pony because you’re too rushed to switch on the straighteners, or brush it into a messy braid because your having a bad hair day…

Still, if you can cope with the extra upkeep then a blunt bob is *definitely* a good look to swing for. Particularly if you’re trying to play it cool this summer. Our stylists report that it’s one of the most requested hair styles this year and we think it’s really going to come into its own come July/August.

2. Playful Pastels

One of festival season’s hottest hair trends, pastel coloured hair is definitely here to stay. In fact, we think those eye catching shades of candyfloss pink, soft peach and faded lilac might be SS19’s defining look. And why not? After all, summer’s meant to be about reinventing your look and making bold new choices…

Winnie Harlow Pink Hair Coachella 2019
Katy Perry Pink hair 2019

Plus, it’s important to remember that pastel coloured hair doesn’t *have* to be garish or overbearing. Looking at the way models like Winnie Harlow wear their pastel pink hair, it’s clear that bright pink can actually look pretty refined. Particularly if you opt for softer shades, and mix things up with a bit of a balayage.

See, monotone hair tends to look super loud, but as soon as you start blending a couple of different shades into your mane, your hair develops a much more natural looking texture, not to mention multi-tonal. Combine this knowledge with a concoction of pastel colours – ranging from rose gold, right through to pale peach or apricot – and you’ve got the potential to create looks that are super-fun, without being obnoxiously loud or overbearing.

It also helps to think about the way your hair’s cut. Beachy waves, messy layers and chunky braids all help to break up areas of flat colour and create visual interest, which is perfect if you’re looking to rock a pink look this summer. And if contrast is your thing, you could even try leaving your roots exposed ala Katy Perry’s recent recolour.

Across many of our Regis salons, we now have a brand new range of colours called Color Fresh Create from Wella Professionals, which allows you to express yourself through vivd or soft delicate hues of colour that lasts up to 20 washes. The colour range is known to fade true-to-tone over time and pastelizes during each wash, gradually fading into beautifully soft, pastel hues. The results are simply stunning.

For more hands-on advice that’s tailored to your look, book into your local Regis salon for a complimentary colour consultation. Our expert stylists will be more than happy to walk you through the different options and pick out a shade that’s right for you.

3. Long Braids

Forget about braided updos; sparkly threads and intricate crowns. This year’s all about long, elegant braids with plenty of weight. We’re talking about Bee Shaffer’s (immaculate) Met Gala look, ft a super simple, three strand braid that wound its way right down to the small of her back. Or the ultra glam, wrapped braids that have been popping up all over SS19’s catwalk shows.

Bee Shaffer Met Gala
Cara Delevigne Dior Fashion Week Feb 2019 Braid
Maz Mara show model with braid Milan Fashion Week Feb 2019

The key to this look is definitely simplicity. Unadorned tresses in natural colours, braided in a minimalist style that keeps your hair off your neck and lets you really hone in on that Shaffer-esque grace. Everything has to be flawlessly neat too, so that the sleek length and sinuous weight of your braids can do all the talking. We’d strongly recommend pre-treating your hair with a serum that’ll seriously up its shine, and it’s important to invest in a good pair of straighteners too. Particularly if you’re going to be styling your hair every day.

Hairspray is a must too, because any stray hairs will destroy that ultra-sleek finish, and you’ll want to keep everything locked in place for the duration of your day, especially if you’re going to opt for a romantic side braid like Cara Delevigne’s. Wrapping the top of your braid can help some too, particularly if your hair is very prone to frizzing up, or pulling itself free at the crown. Do make sure that you use something that’s sleek and minimalist though, because this look is all about understated elegance and no-nonsense vibes.

4. Modern Top Knots

A low-key style that’ll still turn heads, the modern updo is worn high and neat; blending an effortless and wispy topknot with some seriously sleek and elegant lines. Bonus points if you can do like Hailey Bieber and leave a few strands floating free around your face. We’re also a big fan of Nicki Minaj’s recent top knot, with its half up waves and its decadent, spiral cone.

Hailey Bieber Pink Top Knot
Lily Collins Accessorised Top Knot

Styles like the modern top knot are a great choice if you’re trying to refresh your look, but don’t want to axe off the majority of your hair. They’re also great for summer looks because they keep the hair up off your neck, and allow your skin to breathe.

Best of all though? Top knots are seriously low effort. Even neat and stylish examples, like Hailey’s, can be thrown up in a matter of seconds (with a bit of practice), and they’re also great for hiding those pesky second day hair sins so if you’re sick of battling with the hairdryer, the shower or your stylers, the top knot is a great way to take the pressure off your hair, and ensure that you get time to enjoy the summer sun.

Top knots are easy to elevate too; just add a splash of statement colour or a few subtle highlights and you’ll be set for the summer. Or throw in a few statement accessories like Lily Collins to tap straight into another of this year’s top trends…

5. Haute Hair Accessories

Our Insta feed is packed with glittery hair clips, jewel-encrusted barrettes and a veritable boatload of statement headbands. We even saw Kylie Jenner adorn her braid with boho crosses and slinky, pearl white shells at this year’s Coachella festival, and our stylists predict that the trend for haute hair accessories is only going to heat up as we move into summer.

Kylie Jenner Accessorised Braid Coachella 2019
Pink hair fashion week embellished clip

There’s a lot to love about this look too. Firstly, its playful and fun; harking back to those long years of adolescence, when a chunky hair grip was the height of sophistication. Secondly, the trend for adult accessories allows for some seriously interesting and subversive styles. This year’s runway shows saw models blending oversized clips with sleek, perennially undone ‘dos and if you can incorporate this kind of edgy, no-nonsense styling into your own summer looks, you’re guaranteed to turn some heads this summer.

Hair accessories are super accessible too. Sure, Ashley William’s famous “girl” hair clips are going to be sold out until late 2030, but you can still hop online and snag yourself a couple of pearl encrusted barrettes in less time than it takes to boil the kettle, and there’s certainly no shortage of fun accessories to explore…

Just make sure that you limit yourself to the swanky, jewel-encrusted offerings. Sophisticated almost-jewellery is the very best of this trend (and a great look on anyone) but some of the more childish pieces are…less optimal. Particularly if you’re gunning for that catwalk look.

6. Baby Bangs

Emma Roberts got hauled over the coals when she debuted this style back in SS18. Looks like she was ahead of the trend though, cos this year’s runway shows have been party to some seriously trendy micro fringes. We’ve seen blunt bangs, ruffled and immaculately feathered fringes; short, choppy affairs and everything in-between. Even Gigi Hadid and Winnie Harlow have been getting in on the action, and our stylists are confident that those ultra-fierce baby bangs are going to be one of this year’s defining looks.

Fashion Week Model Baby Bangs
Prada Fashion Week Pink Padded Headband and Baby Bangs
Miu Miu Model Fashion Week Baby Bangs

Of course, baby bangs definitely aren’t for everyone: They’re bold, they’ve got tonnes of attitude and they might be a little too out there for day to day wear. Especially if you’re working in a pretty conservative environment. That said, we do think that micro fringes are a very trendy option, and a great look for anyone that’s keen to be seen as fashion forward.

Baby bangs are surprisingly versatile too: You can do like Gigi did with Prada and wear your fringe ultra straight with a classic padded headband; you can fluff it up ala Kaia Gerber on the Miu Miu runway or wear it super choppy to channel those Ariana Grande vibes. The point is, with a little help from one of our expert stylists, you’re sure to find a look that suits you – and your style.

Just remember that baby bangs do require a lot of maintenance. Your hair will start growing back straight away and you really do need each and every strand to be the perfect length, particularly if you want to maintain that effortlessly chic vibe.

7. Wearable Wetlook

The handiwork of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, the wearable wetlook defined London fashion week, and with good reason. Half messy, half polished, wet look straddles the line between ultra-glam and dishevelled art pop rebellion. It pairs with ultra-slick dresses for a slinky, retro vibe but it’ll also add boatloads of character to a carefree, beachy outfit and we’ve even seen stylists and fashionistas like Victoria Beckham pairing it with ultra-conservative, smart-casual blazers for a truly eye catching look.

Wet Look Fashion Week
Kim Kardashian Wet Look Hair Met Gala Behind The Scenes 2019
Miley Cyrus Wet look hair 2019

Now, wetlook is notoriously hard to execute from the comfort of your own home. It requires hairspray (and tonnes of it) gel, serums and some really top notch tools. It also requires a good eye for detail, because the line between “wetlook” and “greasy” is ridiculously narrow and it’s very easy to overdo it and end up looking like your showers been out of action for a couple of weeks.

But in the hands of our expert stylists? Well, let’s just say that a wearable wetlook is very achievable, and we’d be thrilled to help you recreate one of this year’s hottest looks. Just book into your local Regis salon and talk to one of our stylists. They’ll be more than happy to talk you through the process, and help you to recreate a truly eye-catching look for your next big event, regardless of whether it’s an awards show, a garden party or a night on the town…

8. Polished Perfection

Kimmy K started the #glasshair trend way back in SS18, but a quick glance at our insta feed confirms that super-polished locks are back for round two, and we’re definitely not complaining! In fact, we’ve always loved this chic and effortlessly glam style, especially when it’s paired with a long, flowing mane ala Gigi Hadid’s ‘do at this year’s @Variety Power of Women photoshoot.

Gigi Hadid Sleek straight hair Variety Power Photoshoot
Kim Kardashian 2019 Blonde Lob Hairstyle
Regis Stylist UK Harrison Long Hair Straight Shiny

This look is all about creating a super-smooth and glossy sheen, which can be quite hard to do on your own. You’ll need a pair of salon quality straighteners for a start, and a good serum. You’ll also need to seriously beef up your everyday routine, cos sheen like that can only be created if you’ve got seriously well-nourished hair.

That said, if you’re determined, you do your research and you’re willing to invest in a good pair of ghds, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to imitate those flawless, shimmering locks. Just remember to book into your local Regis salon and ask one of our expert stylists for some hands-on advice. They’ll be able to talk you through the perfect #glasshair routine, and they’ll also be able to set you up with the heat protect sprays that you’ll need to endure longer styling sessions.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to wear it, the super straight look is perfect for edgy, modern styles like the blunt bob. Our stylists are also quick to point out that it’s a great match for longer ‘dos. Particularly if its paired with a dramatic fringe to create plenty of sharp lines and definite contrast. Feel free to put your own spin on the look though, cos SS19’s all about going with the flow and experimenting with bold new choices.

9. The Shag

You heard it here first: The shag is back. And this time it means business! This multi-layered cut is a little softer than it used to be – less choppy and (dare we say it) slightly more refined – but it’s still got that same rebellious character, with its long, heavy layers and its effortlessly ruffled texture.

Hailey Bieber Fashion Week Shag Hairstyle
Alyssa Vigueras Instagram Model Curly Shag Hairstyle
Chloe Grace Mortez Blonde Shag Hairstyle

It’s an undone look that’s perfect for channelling SS19’s boho chic vibes – as evidenced by Hailey Bieber as she attended Zadig and Voltaire’s A/W19 show. It’s also very easy to maintain and style, which is a big plus if you’re trying to minimise effort spent on taming your curls and more time spent topping up your tan instead! All you really need to do is wash it 2-3 times a week and run a small handful of your favourite mousse through it while it’s still wet. This’ll help to keep your layers looking full and defined, which is the key to the effortlessly fluffy texture that really defines the modern shag.

A good hair serum is also essential – particularly if you want to make the most of all that extra volume, without encouraging your brand new ‘do to frizz up in the summer heat. We’ve written a pretty in-depth guide on the subject right here and you’ll find tonnes of suitable products on our online store.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that the new shag can be cut to suit any face shape, so whether you’ve got a heart-shaped face like Chloë Grace Moretz or an oval shape like Hailey’s, our stylists will be able to pick a style that suits you. Sure, it would traditionally sit somewhere between your collarbone and your chest but as Katy Perry’s recent revamp showed, shorter shags can be incredibly flattering, and you should feel 100% free to change up the length and tailor the style in a way that suits your look. Just make sure that you engage the services of an expert stylist, because a lot of work goes into defining the perfect length, texture and shape for your face.

Found your next look?

You’ll be pleased to hear that our expert stylists are standing by to help you realise your best self, and achieve those all-important SS19 hair goals. Just book into your local Regis salon and they’ll take care of the rest! Our expert stylists will also be able to provide you with advice on colour treatments and – if you’re still undecided – they’re also well-placed to talk through your options; offering tailored advice about styles that’ll suit your overall look, and helping you to decide on this summer’s new hair trend.

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