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The Copper Comeback: Red Hair Tips & Inspiration

Each new season brings with it a new set of hair trends, and colour is one aspect that filters down from the catwalks to emerge as must-have shades in salon. In our guide to the main women’s hair trends for autumn/winter, we touched on the growing trend of natural, earthy textures and colours this year. Wheat-toned blondes and sun-kissed brunettes are both popular hues, as is one of the most exciting trends of the season: rich, striking copper.

Whether you are enhancing a natural auburn or transforming blonde, brunette or grey into the fiery shade, this look is sure to turn heads. Unlike some on-trend colours that might be aimed at a younger market, people of all ages can adopt this incredibly wearable shade. Copper hair is sophisticated but striking, enhancing eye colour and skin tones on the people most suited to it.


Who suits copper hair?

While we believe that any hair colour can look fabulous if worn with confidence, there are certain people whose natural colourings mean that they perfectly suit this copper tone. If you have cool undertones with more of a pink base rather than yellow, then copper will suit you perfectly. But how do you know if you’re warm or cool toned? A couple of things to look at include:

– Your natural hair and eye colour. People with cool undertones usually tend to be fairer, with blue, grey or green eyes. If you have naturally darker hair, and brown or hazel eyes, then it’s less likely you’ll have cool undertones.
– Your wrists. Take a look at the veins in your wrists. If they look blue, then you’re likely to be more cool toned. Warm toned people have veins that appear more green than blue.
– Your jewellery. This might sound quite odd, but if you suit silver jewellery rather than gold, you are likely to have cool undertones.

If you’re cool toned, then copper will make your skin will glow and look healthy, while your eyes will stand out vibrantly.

However, if you are warm toned then there’s no need to give up on your dream of red hair. It’s simply about finding the right shade for you; and with shades such as auburn, strawberry blonde and pillarbox red to choose from, you will definitely find a red that flatters you perfectly.


Maintaining copper hair.

If you worry that dying your hair copper might be difficult to maintain, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s actually easy to keep on top of with the right aftercare and products. We stock a range of colour care products designed for people with coloured hair, that help to keep your colour vibrant and your hair in excellent condition. chill* ed have both a Shampoo and Conditioner designed specifically to protect and intensify the vibrancy of red hair. The Pureology Reviving Red Illuminating Caring Oil is also a must-have for maintaining your colour, adding shine to red and copper tones.

As well as at-home treatments, you can also keep your red looking ravishing between colourings with treatments in salon. Our glossing service adds a reflective, sheer colour on top of your hair, adding a luminous shine. And the great news is that glossing is just as effective on natural hair colour as treated hair, leaving you with a salon-fresh colour without any of the chemicals.

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