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Changing perceptions: Are you having a ‘Blonde Moment’?

For years and years, we’ve heard the phrase having a ‘blonde moment’ whenever someone refers to an instance of being silly or scatter-brained, regardless of their hair colour. This association with blonde hair, along with the notion that blondes have more fun, is an age-old myth that has arguably made its way to becoming a socially acceptable phrase.

Research studies around the globe have attempted to look at the disparity and perception of blondes and brunettes and the origin of this stigma. The first use of a ‘blonde moment’ may possibly have been to counter the long-held belief that blondes are more desirable as evidenced by more brunettes colouring their hair blonde than vice versa. In parts of North America and Europe in particular, the blonde stereotype is also associated with being less serious or less intelligent. In fact, the ‘blonde’ stereotype has been so ingrained it’s led to counter-narratives such as the 2001 film Legally Blonde in which Reese Witherspoon’s character succeeds at Harvard despite prejudices against her beauty and blonde hair.

However, a recent survey has reported that women no longer feel being blonde relates to being ‘ditzy’. Although one in three Londoners still felt their fair hair held them back in terms of career opportunities, we’re confident that this perception is changing, in part due to a positive shift in widespread campaigning for equality. The concept of being blonde has morphed into something progressively positive over the years, with more women in power, in business and in politics, who are blonde. There’s also increasingly more characters within film and TV that portray blondes as not only being sexy, but independent, intelligent and confident too.

So, with that said we’ve decided to change what it means for us to have a ‘blonde moment’ to now signify success and positivity. Consider the days a distant memory where ‘blonde moments’ refer to you doing something silly – we officially declare this the blonde moment revival.


Blonde Moment Competition

To celebrate we are launching a fantastic competition as part of our #OwnYourBlonde campaign for your chance to win a selection of System Professional Products as well as a £100 gift card!* To take part, we’re inviting you to share with us your proudest life moments and your success stories. One winner will be selected at random and announced across our social media channels on 29th June.

For your chance to enter the competition check out what you need to do below.

To enter on Instagram:
1. Follow us – @RegisUK
2. Post your ‘Blonde Moment’ pic using #blondemomentregis

To enter on Facebook:
1. ‘Like’ the competition post and comment with your blonde moment success story

Changing perceptions: are you having a 'blonde moment'?

Share your blonde moment success story for your chance to win

Terms & Conditions

As well as our full terms and conditions, the following terms apply specifically to the Blonde Moment competition:

  • The competition will run until midnight on 25th June. Entries submitted past this time will not be counted.
  • In order to qualify you must fulfil the entry criteria stipulated in the social media post.
  • You are permitted one competition entry per social media platform.
  • 5 winners will be announced on 29th June via our social media channels.
  • Winners will be asked to provide a postal address via email by 5pm on Monday 2nd July in order to receive the prize. Failure to do so may result in the prize being given away to another entrant
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