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Find Your Hair Tribe: 2019 Autumn / Winter Trends

Balmain show

In this edit we’ll run through a list of our favourite autumn/winter hairstyles with all the stylist tips and tricks you need to do to get the look. By decoding some of the most important trends from the A/W19 catwalks, we’ve included the most wearable looks that are easy to filter into your regular styling routine.

This year, there’s a great mix of returning hairstyle classics as well as some modern twists with elegant hair accessories thrown in for some extra pizzazz. We’ve got throwbacks from the 70s, 80s and 90s too, so whatever your style, find your hair tribe in our stylist round-up of must-try hair trends.

Centre partings

A recurring favourite, the centre parting made its way to the A/W19 catwalks in its truest form – straight down the middle with simply styled, shiny tresses. Take no sides this season, just couple up with a naturally healthy shine.

Not sure if a centre parting will suit your face shape? Get the low-down on how to make a centre-part work for you in our ultimate guide.

Low pony-tails

Sorry Ariana Grande fans, the sky-high pony’s of the hair world have been side-lined for their chicer cousin: the low pony. Worn loose at the nape, and preferably adorned with intricate embellishments. Hydrated tresses are a must for this look, so spending some time to get that salon-shine is essential. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of your loose pony looking dull and shabby – which is definitely *not* the look you should be going for!

Disco Glam Waves

We never thought we’d be saying ‘disco glam’ in 2019, but this trend really has gone to our heads, quite literally. Think sleek 70s waves adorned with glitter or embellished fishnet fascinators. We even saw some Jerry Hall inspired volumized fluffy curls on the Michael Kors catwalk – you can never have too much volume when it comes to disco glam, that’s for sure.

Make ‘em Gel

Undoubtedly the hair product of the season is hair gel. Use generous amounts to smooth a ponytail or to pull back hair away from the face to create your choice of 80s inspired slick back styles. Whatever your personal style, it’s the perfect way to grab attention. Our stylist tip? More is more ❤️. 

Sculpted hairlines

Speaking of copious amounts of hair gel, this year’s A/W19 trends saw a flurry of sculpted fringes, decorated into intricate patterns that adorned foreheads, temples and even the sides of faces. No fringe is ever the same, and the same is true for sculpted fringes, so let your creativity take front and centre stage.

Burberry model backstage sculpted hairline
Burberry model sculpted hairline

Power Braids

This season, braids are back with an urbane twist. Reimaged by Prada to include uber long Adamms family-style twin plaits – which we were *all* feeling by the way. Or if you’re worried you’ll end up looking like a school-throwback try something a little more understated. We equally loved Thom Browne’s tight and sleek braids that cascaded down from the nape of the neck, and sometimes neatly tucked in to tops. Or try your hand at partly braided low-ponytails and nail two trending styles in one go! Overall braids are super chic, and easy to execute. But if you’re not a braid expert, you might want to book in and let an expert take care of it for you. Just be sure to bring along your favourite embellishments to complete your party look.

Max Mara show power braid
Prada show double plait model
Part braided low ponytail

Grunge hair

Think about what your hair is like during hot weather days, a.k.a your locks when the climate is balmy and steamy. Your baby hairs are quite literally stuck to your forehead whilst the rest of your hair is naturally ‘weathered’ by the elements. Well, that look is now trending! As seen at Versace, Toga and Mary Katrantzou – the ‘real-girl’ meets grunge look is set to be a big hit this season. Lucky for us lazy girls, the take-away here is that second-day, unkempt hair is now a thing. So, embrace the natural direction of your hair – call it chic – and own it.  

Mary Katrantzou grunge hair
Mary Katrantzou show

90s Curled In Lob

We’ve seen the glass hair bob trend for a while now, so it’s about time it made way for its sophisticated friend – the 90s Curled In Lob. We are loving this look right now – partly because it’s so simple to style. It’s long enough to tie up and short enough to get that sleek, modern look. Perfectly curled in ends is a sure-fire nod to the 90s – think girl bands, wedged heels and patterned jeans and you’re in the right era!

Katy Perry
Megan Barton Hanson dark lob curled in

Hazy Hair

If you’re not quite sure how to describe this look, (we weren’t either at first), then ‘hazy hair’ ought to cover it. This look has got a slight iridescent feel with its trio of different textures. The roots are dusty with a slight cool-girl static and the mid-lengths gradually transition into a smoother and shinier finish, with ultra-glossy ends to complete the look.

Face Framing Bangs

If sculpted hairlines are a little too ‘out-there’ for you, try simply introducing face-framing bangs to your everyday style. When we say this trend is super easy, we’re not kidding. No matter your chosen style, whether it’s a low-pony, high bun or messy updo, try framing your face with some loose strands that’ll give your look an elegant and feminine feel. If your strands tend to just sit on your cheeks, try loosely curling them before using your fingers to loosen them up. This will give your face framing bangs a bit of bounce and a slight wave to give the illusion of thicker hair. Or, if you’re really looking to make a statement, try your hand at giving your fringe a few ringlet curls as seen on the Fashion East show – this sweet style reminds us of an oil painting!  

Balmain show face framing strands
Margot Robbie
Fashion Easy model curly fringe

Accessorize it up

You’re probably thinking ‘oh, that old chestnut’ – but trust us when we say that embellished hair accessories are here to stay this season. And, they’ve been given a slight haute couture do-over with high end headbands and beautiful broaches taking full form on the A/W19 runways.

If low-ponytails are not your thing, and your inner Ariana Grande is just bursting to make an appearance this season, try accessorising with a wraparound chain or embellished cuff as seen at Byblos. Headbands have also been given a new image – no longer are they a girly-girl statement. Chain headbands made a powerful statement during the Balmain show – and tied in nicely with their ‘biker’ theme consisting of power shoulders and baggy trousers. Broaches and slides also made a reappearance, but this time they adorned 60s style volume ponytails and beehives as seen at GCDS and Vivetta. Chanel also decked their catwalk styles with sparkly hair slides, ribbons, bows, brooches and organza camellias – the takeaway being that they are placed onto simple, clean and healthy-looking hair.

Chanel hair Sam McKnight stylist
Balmain show stylist Sam McKnight
Byblos show high pony accessory

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So there you have it…

Our favourite hair trends for A/W19. Which one will you be trying this season? Share your looks with us @regisuk and we’ll repost our favourites!

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