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Going Grey With Style: Our Favourite Silver Foxes

We spotted Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet fame yesterday looking a little greyer than we remember but still making a couple of the Regis team swoon a little. As much as we love all things hair colour at Regis, we’re also lovers of those who go grey with style.

Embracing your silvery tones works wonders for some of our favourite celebs, from Helen Mirren to Jamie Lee Curtis. But it’s the silver foxes that we’re paying homage to today. Those handsome older men who’re letting their salt and pepper style add a distinguished air to their looks.

Jose Mourinho might impress on the sidelines with his managerial prowess, but he’s also turned heads with his looks too. His grey hair and sharp suits make him a definite favourite.

Great British Bake Off judge, and Twitter crush of many, Paul Hollywood rocks the silver locks, complete with his trademark facial hair. He’s showing it’s possible to look just as youthful without relying on dyes.

Starring alongside heart-throb Jon Hamm is no easy feat, but we think Mad Men star John Slattery does it with flair. His white hair doesn’t detract from his look, instead placing him firmly in the chic older man category in our eyes.

Of course, no round-up of the finest silver foxes would be complete without Hollywood royalty George Clooney. A pin-up since his days in ER, Clooney has only gotten better with age and has allowed his natural grey hair and beard to compliment his style. We’ll take the present day George over his 90s screen time any day!

Tweet @RegisUK to let us know who is your favourite or tell us if we’ve missed any obvious silver foxes!

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