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Men's Hair

Men’s Grooming Day 2013

Whether your grooming routine involves a beard trim or a black head banisher we want you to join us to celebrate Men’s Grooming Day on Friday 16th August.

This celebration of dapper gents was established in 2007 by American Crew, makers of men’s grooming products, and become a national celebration of everything that makes a man look his best. The men’s grooming industry keeps on growing, with a keen nose for fashion and style staying firmly at the forefront of any modern man’s image.

This is not the ‘new’ man, this is the sharp man. The likes of Bradley Cooper and David Beckham fall into this group of men who understand the sharp style, as they know that it’s worthwhile to look groomed and great. These are men who keep their hairstyles on trend and keep their facial hair at a lustful length. This year saw both men rocking slightly longer hair on top, swept back into a purely gentleman style and teamed with shorter sides, a style to make any woman swoon.

According to Mintel, sales of men’s grooming products is now worth £58 million, with the majority of men (42%) now using moisturisers. We want to celebrate the fact that using the right products and expressing your personality through your hair, facial styling and even your skincare regime keeps you looking sharper, younger and…let’s face it, cooler! We bet this is a must have for well groomed gent Ryan Gosling.

Regular hair cuts and shaving keeps your look fresh and suave, as well as making your hair care routine at home much quicker and easier. If you want to change your look or opt for a new style then why not book a consultation with your nearest Regis salon on Men’s Grooming Day. We want to celebrate your style with you.

Book now for your Friday indulgence at your local Regis.

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