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Need a new at-home hairstyle? Try the 90s tendril updo

Regis 90s tendrils updo

The likes of J-Lo and Kendall Jenner are both avid supporters of this nostalgic hairstyle and we’re desperate to emulate the low-key, high fashion look.

Hairstyles with soft tendrils seem to be the bread and butter of our at-home hairstyling regime right now. Thanks to celebs making it look so effortlessly chic on the red carpet, that is. A few reasons it’s become our go-to look immediately come to mind…

Firstly, two loose tendrils are a certified and versatile antidote when it comes to creating a look that literally says ‘loook-at-me’. They can star as the lead or supporting role for pretty much any hairstyle going. And secondly, hanging tendrils are simply a brilliant way to disguise an otherwise hopelessly bad hair day. Not that we’d ever admit to having one of those, of course.

Lastly, wavy (or straight) tendrils can look everything from sophisticated, romantic, chic or even edgy. But rather importantly they are usually quite straightforward to achieve no matter how you decide to wear them. And there’s no decade that propelled the two-tendril look to stardom more than the 90s, right? That’s why we picked our favourite 90s inspired tendrils updo for our first at-home hair styling guide.

But first, say hello to Raquel… 👋

We’re dedicating all home-styling tutorials whilst we #WFH to Raquel, our beautiful hairdressing block! Needless to say, Raquel has always been there for us as a hair model. She’s quiet, but what she lacks in words she sure as hell makes up for with her envious mane. Perfect for training new stylists – she’s been our ‘block’ through countless training academies. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Raquel throughout our at-home styling series too as we bunker down and #stayathome.

Regis hairdressing block Raquel


Spring bun with 90s inspired tendrils

90s Tendril Updo Step 1:

Create a centre parting. This style will work better on second day hair as the added natural oil makes it easier to keep the look effortlessly sleek. 

Regis 90s tendril updo

90s Tendril Updo Step 2:

Isolate (pun not intended) two tendril areas towards the front of your hairline – one on either side of your hair parting. Secure these with a small elastic band or hair clips. We recommend around a 1 inch section should be thick enough to achieve the desired look. However, if you have thicker hair or are after a more dramatic look – you might prefer thicker tendrils. In which case, two inches is probably the viscosity you’re looking for.

Regis 90s tendril updo

90s Tendril Updo Step 3:

Next, take a section that runs from ear to ear across the top of the head, separating the front from the back , and secure the back section into a pony tail.

Regis 90s tendril updo

90s Tendril Updo Step 4:

Then, take both the sections in front of the ear and comb them back on to the pony tail. This should  leave the isolated tendrils free. Secure a second pony over the base of the first with an elastic band or bungee tape.

Regis 90s tendril updo
Regis 90s tendril updo
Regis 90s tendril updo90s tendrils updo

90s Tendril Updo Step 5:

Next, twist the hair in the ponytail to create a rope like twist. Ensure you’re twisting your hair tight so that you minimise loose strands slipping free.

Regis 90s tendril updo

90s Tendril Updo Step 6:

Bend upwards and around the base of your ponytail to create a bun. Secure with hair grips or pins.

Regis 90s tendril updo

90s Tendril Updo Step 7:

Spray the shape with shine spray and then hairspray to secure the look.

Regis 90s tendril updo

90s Tendril Updo Step 8: (optional)

And if you find your two isolated tendrils are not quite as wavy (or straight) as you’d like them? Use a curling tong (or straightener) to gently create your desired shape. Remember to gently pull or brush through curls using a wide tooth comb to transform them into soft waves. If you’re opting for a sleek and straight finish, we recommend flicking your straighteners inwards slightly as you reach the end of each tendril, for a truly 90s finish.

90s Tendril Updo Step 9:

Dab on a little serum on the ends of your tendrils to complete the look.

J.lo 90s tendril updo

Our verdict

Whether you’re looking for a quick style to hide your distressed mane for a conference call or just need something with a little je ne suis quoi for a virtual date… we’re confident this style will see you through. Two soft tendrils that gently frame your face is by far the easiest way to distract someone from anything else that’s going on with your hair! It gets a firm 9.7 (out of 10) from us.

Shop the look

In the temporary absence of our salons right now, we thought it would be a good idea to make haircare at home easier. Shopping for products that’ll work well together to achieve your desired look isn’t always easy, but now it is (at Regis, anyway). Shop our Haircare Saviour Sets to help you recreate your favourite styles at home. Hint: We recommend the Multi-tasker Styling Set if you’re looking for something that’ll keep your tendrils look in place and healthy looking.

Stay social

Share your at-home styles with us by tagging @regisuk and we’ll share our favourite looks! Give this style a go at home and refresh your Spring style. We’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do!

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