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Our favourite festival hairstyles for 2019

Winnie Harlow Coachella 2019

Festival season is about a *lot* more than music; muddy campsites and stick-on rhinestones. It’s a celebration of style, self-expression and beauty. A chance to let loose and show your inner wild side without worrying about what tomorrow brings.

Festival season is also about magnificent hair. And no, we’re not talking about the perennial flower crown here. Our first look at this year’s Coachella showing suggests that glitter accessories, braids and multi-coloured headscarves are all the rage, and we’re seeing an awful lot of mermaid-inspired recolours on our insta dashboard too…

To help you tap into SS19’s boho vibes, we’ve brought together a collection of 9 top-notch festival hairstyles, as worn by your favourite celebrities and our salon guests. We could’ve thrown in a few low-key updos that you could (probably) wear to a semi-casual event, but if we’re being 100% honest? This list is all about those bold and daring styles that’ll totally redefine your look, and complete that all-important festival outfit.

1. The hot/candy pink ombre – Winnie Harlow

Pastel pink hair was all the rage last year, and Winnie Harlow’s Coachella look proves that it’s not going anywhere in SS19. We love the bold choice of colour (particularly when it’s paired with neon green!) but we also love the fact that Winnie swung for an ombre. That subtle blending of colour adds boatloads of extra texture, and really elevates the final look.

This is also one of the easier styles to replicate: Just book a free colour consultation at your local Regis salon, and tell them you’re thinking of going pink for festival season. They’ll sort out the rest.

Oh, and those gentle waves? A good pair of gently-contoured straighteners is definitely the best way to achieve this look. We’d recommend a pair of ghd’s (unrivaled) Platinum+ stylers, which have a brand-new, festival-friendly look for SS19.

Winnie Harlow Coachella 2019 Pink Hair

2. Beaded accessories – Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan’s rainbow-hued beads have taken Instagram by storm, and with good reason too!

Beads have always been a festival favourite because they’re super-colourful, striking and oh-so boho – with a decidedly arts-and-crafts vibe. They’re also a great way to update your look without *hours* of pre-prep (or the need for a complete style overhaul).

So, if you want to wear your hair down and still look the part, you should definitely look into some beaded accessories. Clip in extensions and individual “clickers” are both A-ok, but you should definitely make sure that you experiment with plenty of different beads before you settle on your final look. Festival season is *all* about variety, and you definitely don’t want to blend into the crowd…

3. Glitter-encrusted hair accessories – Bella Thorne

Glittery hair accessories are bang on trend for SS19, and we think simple, high-contrast styles like Bella Thorne’s Coachella look are the *perfect* way to work them into your festival wardrobe.

It works because of the contrast between the sleek, straight lines of her ‘do, and the unmistakable sparkle of those diamante-encrusted clips. It’s fun and fresh enough to wear to any festival, but it’s also sophisticated, and it doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your pre-existing style.

This look is dead easy to replicate too: All you need to do is straighten your hair (using a good pair of stylers) and then slide in a couple of super-sparkly hair clips and presto; you’re party ready.

4. The unicorn bun – Gigi Hadid

Speaking of fun and fresh, this eye-catching style is the perfect way to update your standard messy bun/top knot. Gigi first wore it to model Anna Sui’s SS19 collection, but we think its carefree vibes are a perfect match for the festival scene, and we also *love* that it’s unicorn themed. (cos really, who doesn’t love unicorns?)

Best of all though, this simple style is meant to be messy, which makes it the perfect match for third-day festival hair. To get the look, brush your hair back, divide it into three sections and wrap the strands from your crown into a conical bun. Hairspray helps too, particularly if you’re going to be dancing in the summer sun all day long.

Gigi Hadid Anna Sui Show Runway 2019

5. Boho accessories – Zadig & Voltaire

Another artful combo ft. a laid back style and some seriously glam accessories, this ‘do is a perfect fit for SS19’s laid back vibe. We absolutely love the feather detailing, which instantly conjures up that arts-and-crafts; boho-chic style that seemed to dominate Coachella. We also love the glittery hair clip cos, well, glitter is the bomb and it’s festival season, so a loud accessory is pretty much mandatory.

This style is also super practical. It doesn’t require any fancy tools or treatments, and you can probably knock it up in about 10 minutes, as long as you pack a good hairbrush and some decent dry shampoo.

In our eyes? The perfect look.

Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2018 Winter Show

6. The braided center parting – Kate Bosworth

Old but gold, this striking redux of the traditional center parting broke the internet when it first debuted in 2015. Now that boho-chic is all the rage, this look has really come back into its own, and we think it’d be a great fit for any SS19 festival look.

It’s also a look that *requires* second day hair, which makes it a great match for those weekend-long camping trips. Be warned though; it’s not for the faint of heart. According to Kate’s hairstylist, Briget Brager, it’s best to start by taking a section of hair where you would normally have a center part, then fashioning a braid that starts at the crown and works its way toward your forehead; finishing at your hairline.

Once this is done, you’ll need to take two equal sections with the remaining hair and secure them by pushing a bobby pin up the middle of the braid as close to the scalp as possible, before taking the remaining sections and smooth them down to frame the face.

Or you could just book into your local Regis salon, and let one of our expert stylists help you get the look. Your call 😉.

7. The colourful headscarf – Tyra Banks

Nothing says laid-back and festival-ready quite like a headscarf. These handy little accessories are also the perfect way to hide third day hair, so if you’re trying to prioritise fun this summer, they really are the perfect option.

Tyra Banks wore this (super colourful) number to Feb 2019’s #TommyxZendaya event, and we’re taking that as permission to go all out with the headscarves this year. Just make sure that you pick out a bright, patterned option that’ll stand out in photos and really amp up those boho vibes.

8. Mermaid Hair

The handiwork of our very own Daiva (who’s currently one of the resident stylists @ our Kingston Upon Thames salon) this ombre’d mane is bang on trend for festival season, and we’re absolutely smitten with its carefree vibes.

The flowy, loose braid; the sea green colour and the gentle waves give it an effortlessly chic charm, and there’s so much texture and depth to gush over…

This style is also nice and easy to throw up mid-festival. Just make sure that you pack a good salt spray, or some kind of texture treatment that’ll let you inject a bit of life back into those third-day tresses.

9. Low pony with chains – Lydia Connell

Styled by ghd’s Patrick Wilson, this striking ‘do is the perfect match for loud festival outfits. It’s loud, it’s got tonnes of attitude and it’s guaranteed to turn heads. It’s also one of those looks that leans hard into this season’s love of shiney, metallic accessories.

It’s also a great way to keep your hair out of your face, which is a must if you’re going to be hitting up the mainstage, and dancing around in a huge crowd of fellow revelers…

Found the perfect look?

These looks are absolutely perfect for SS19. They’re a perfect match for the festival scene, and we’re pretty confident that they’ll end up informing some of this summer’s hottest hair trends so if you’ve seen something you like, make sure that you book into your local Regis salon, so that are expert stylists can help you get the look.

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