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Regis Introduces… Delicate Contouring

Last season, we introduced you to Transformative Contouring; now at Regis, we’re excited to introduce Delicate Contouring. With three brand new semi-permanent shades, this is the perfect way to give yourself a subtle new look for the new year.

The trend of hair contouring was inspired by the renowned makeup technique, which defines and frames the face. Hair contouring uses precise placements of colour to create the deception of light and shade, defining and re-contouring your face, whatever its shape. It also complements your natural skin tone and eye colour, whilst highlighting your most beautiful features.

To get the delicate contouring look, our stylists use a combination of freehand and highlighting techniques with different placements of colour around the face and within the interior of the hair, giving a uniquely personalised result. Dark colours shorten and slim the face shape whilst lighter hues help to elongate and widen. The colour palette selected by your stylist for your look is carefully chosen to suit your skin tone and eye colour. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, contouring can redefine your facial framework – and Delicate Contouring will ensure the placements of colour flows naturally, making it the perfect choice if you’re new to colour, or are looking for a subtle change.

The Regis Couture Colour service offers the highest quality products, not only in colour but also care. Ask your Regis stylist today for a Couture Colour service, and enjoy luxurious, personalised colour results as well alongside the perfect home hair care regime.

To book your appointment for Delicate Contouring, contact your local Regis salon.

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