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Retro Chic to Modern Must-Have: the Classic Men’s Side Parting

The styles and influences from each decade goes in circles, but can there ever be a time when the retro style is worn out? For us, the evolution of the men’s side parting is one that only improves, from its heyday in Hollywood’s golden age, to the most dapper stars of today.

One of the most enduring film stars of his era, Cary Grant typified the clean cut and ruggedly handsome men of the forties and fifties. A time when Hollywood’s leading men were never knowingly under-dressed, this era is the model for suited and booted males to this day. Grant’s hairstyle was central to his image, and while the late fifties and sixties may have seen young stars kick against this style, it’s one fashion revisits again and again.

As vintage style came back to the fore this decade, thanks in part to trends following the now-legendary Mad Men, the quiff made its return. This fifties style was the must-have men’s hair look of the noughties, with its rock and roll credentials taking it from the catwalks to the high street. Going further back to the forties, the men’s side parting is now the must-have look, with its slick styling and versatility for every face shape.


Ryan Gosling is a great example of how to wear the look with modern flair, making it his own signature look that he has honed in the past couple of years. Leaving behind the product-heavy look of Cary Grant and his peers, Gosling’s hairstyle uses modern products to create an ode that’s classic without being too uptight.

Now, with the imminent release of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby, the style is set to be solidified as a hot trend. Taking the look back to its roots in timeless men’s fashion, Leonardo DiCaprio’s version shows the style doesn’t need to be uptight, but can incorporate texture and waves to suit every man.


Whether you take yours all the way back to the thirties and forties, or are injecting some rebellion into your interpretation, it’s clear to us that the side parting is here to stay for men for a while to come. To achieve this style we recommend molding the hair into place using the Fudge Hair Gum (worked evenly into dry hair for a textured look or wet hair for that classic wet look!). Fudge Skyscraper is also a great product to help fortify this look and give your hair an alluring shine.

Embrace the dapper look, and create your own personal version of this timeless classic at one of our Regis Salons – it’s guaranteed to turn heads whether you’re on the red carpet or simply stepping out on the street.

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