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The 2021 hair trends you’re bound to see everywhere

Regis 2021 Hair Trends

If you’re searching for a new look, it’s probably one of these.

It’s time to freshen things up in 2021, at least when it comes to matters of your hair. We spent most of 2020 skipping trims and doing the formidable root touch-ups in our lockdown homes, so there’s no time like the present to finally experiment with your haircut, colour, or style. Beautiful hairstyles in 2021 are all about being bold and making changes with the help of our salon experts.

Read on to find out what’s on the horizon, from the next big thing in hair colour to the trendiest of haircuts for now.

2021 Hair trends: Haircuts & styles

60s Inspired

Pair a full-on fringe with soft layers around the face that will draw attention directly to your eyes. This year it will be all about the sexy, ’60s-inspired, eyelash-grazing fringe. Expect to see red bobs and ’60s-inspired flippy ends all over your Instagram feed in 2021. We’re calling it the Queen’s Gambit effect.

Guests are also braving dramatic chops and shorter cuts more than ever due to being stuck inside with lockdown hair and their go-to salon being closed for months on end! Aside from it being a drastic solution to the possibility of more lockdowns in 2021, shorter 60s inspired pixie haircuts also work with an array of fringes that are becoming a thing.


And while we’re on fringes, know that they’re going to be a pretty big deal next year. From floaty, soft side fringes to full on chunky 70s inspired bangs – we’re anticipating them all. Our stylists reckon wide-cut fringes exposing the cheek bones as well as choppy micro or curly fringes will be big trends throughout 2021.

Fringes help to frame and define the face, and as it seems mask-wearing is going to continue to be non-negotiable, we can see the logic in wanting one to complement your mask. Our stylists recommend going for a choppier, more relaxed cut that’s easier to replicate should a more serious lockdown be put in place again.

Invisible Layers

Regis 2021 Hair Trends
Regis 2021 Hair Trends

An invisible layer is a way of tapering or thinning out the ends, so when the hair falls on top of another piece of hair (in a layer), it falls almost invisibly, removing visibility of the ‘layered line’. Layers have certainly come a long way, and our stylists would like to point out that layers do so much more than just ‘add body’ or make ‘thick hair appear thinner’. Layers are having a renaissance in 2021, and we want you to join the movement!

While invisible layers can be used in any section of the hair, they are often used around the face, or throughout the lengths of longer hair to encourage that oh-so-desirable bouncy movement. Those with fine hair will also love an invisible layer if they are after a ‘floaty, Parisian look’.

The Illusion Of Longer Hair

Voluminous, long hair reminiscent of the mermaid hair trend circa 2018, is making a big comeback (pun intended). If you are struggling to grow your hair as long as you’d like (and as fast as you’d like) this is the style for you. By cutting shorter sections of hair around the front, you not only add definition and frame the face, but it also gives the illusion of length when compared to the rest of the hair. A clever trick if you ask us!

Depending on how long your hair is, this can be anything from a bit of face framing to collarbone-length sections, opening up your face and neck area beautifully.

Textured Midi

If you’re rocking a midi length currently, 2021 is all about introducing more noticeable texture to freshen up your look. Midi styles look beautiful with a whole range of textures, so speak to your Regis stylist about the type of texture you would like to maintain. Soft layers with a well-trimmed, strong base line paired with shape around the front will help give your style that oomf you’re looking for. We also recommend investing in a pair of tongs if you’re looking to add soft waves to accentuate texture and volume for an even edgier look.

2021 Hair trends: Hair Colours

Experimental Colours

Unexpected shades look particularly striking peeking out and around natural-coloured strands. This hair trend is essentially a redux of the contrasting colours we saw on chunky money pieces like Jamie Genevieve’s, meaning bolder shades and multiple flashes of colours. Our professional colourists can help bleach darker hair to a blonde shade with minimum damage, helping bold colours to really pop. It’s much safer to do this in salon, so if you want to maintain the integrity of your hair and do things right, you need to trust in the experts!

Pink highlights are among the easiest shades to pull off for this trend. The colour compliments multiple skin tones and it still looks flattering as it fades.

Red Hot Reds

We have an ever-growing love for soft coppers and reds which we are seeing increasingly requested in salon. The biggest influence for red shades in 2021 are pre-Raphaelite style soft tones. However it’s all down to the consultation with your Regis stylist. The palette they can use to create just the right soft copper or red for you is almost endless. By matching your skin tone your eyes will pop and it will look super flattering.

Regis 2021 Hair Trends
Regis 2021 Hair Trends

Toffee Tones

Regis 2021 Hair Trends
Regis 2021 Hair Trends

Toffee and caramel tones are predicted to be big trends for highlighted hair in 2021. A warm-toned blonde like this was huge in 2020, and the natural-looking shade will be sticking around for 2021, too. A little bit of a shadow root will help soften the look of the highlights and help your colour grow out a little more seamlessly.

The Natural Balayage

Regis 2021 Hair Trends
Regis 2021 Hair Trends

During lockdowns, when salons were temporary closed, we saw our natural colour start to grow through and as the days (and months) went on we actually began to get used to it. So, we are now seeing a lot more guests who are experimenting with keeping their hair closer to their natural colour with a softer balayage look. Highlights are still needed to keep the overall colour looking fresh, dimension-rich and vibrant, but the overall shade is much more natural and softer.

The Alice Band

On the other hand, those of us who just can’t step away from platinum, pearl, cream or ivory blonde shades… we have a blonde trend for you too. The Alice Band technique, borne out of seeing the striking contrast between our natural and lightened shades throughout lockdown, will be a popular colour trend in 2021. Expect to see these bands framing the face in bold deep sections with bold daring colour contrasts. Our stylists are anticipating everything from beautiful clean blondes, to pretty pastels, and bold hues to suit the mood.

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