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3 Hair Accessories You Won’t Be Able To Live Without This Summer

Summer Accessory Hairstyles Regis Blog Post

There’s no way you could’ve told me I wasn’t the coolest kid in middle school when I added clips to my otherwise mundane school hairstyle. Each morning, I’d pull out my assortment of clips, ranging from rainbow coloured to the glittery 3D butterfly kind. The more that butterfly bounced around your ponytail, the cooler you were.

My favourite style however was a side-parted braid with one neon clip (usually pink) secured right above my ear. Funny thing is, I can still pull off the same look today (even if I do say so myself) because rather magnificently these 90s clips and hairpins are just as popular now as they were in school. And why shouldn’t they be? Why leave all the fun extra-feminine hair clips and headbands for little girls? Strong women can wear bows too!

Stylists and celebs alike have resurrected our favourite childhood accessories and brought them bang up to date with bling and kitschy catchphrases that give our simplest of buns or ponytails a new lease of life. These days, it’s commonplace to see the basic hair slide dressed up for the red carpet with embellishments or out in full force defying all concepts of quality over quantity. When it comes to clips this season, it’s definitely a case of more is more.

If you’ve been eyeing up those cool-girl hair barrettes on Instagram or those pretty hair scarves on Amazon but have no clue how to wear them without looking like a #TBT from primary school, we’ve rounded up 3 of our most favourite hair accessories below. We know that not every hair accessory posted to your favourite influencer’s Instagram feed is, well, wearable. Unless of course you can rock up to the office with an extra-long braid criss-crossed with an astonishing amount of hair clips and bows – remember Kylie’s Coachella look? Or how about an evening meeting the boyfriend’s parents for the first time wearing your favourite word clip, ‘SEX’, embellished to the nines on the side of your head? Umhm. We thought not.

That’s why our stylists recommend that you keep the following looks in your back pocket for when you’re bored with the same ol’ style, but don’t want to go *too* out there. The good thing is, the hair accessories we’ve listed below can be glam’d up or down to suit any occasion, and we are totally here for it.

1. The Hair Barrette

Hair barrettes are, essentially, a clasp that holds hair in place. They’re worn in several different ways partly according to their size, with small ones often used at the front and large ones in the back to hold more hair. The hair barrette that we’ve used in this particular example was in fact inspired by the Balmain Fall/Winer ’18 collection. But, our spidey senses tell us that this look is not to be dismissed over the summer months. Of course, you can opt for a brightly coloured, or metal or embellished barrette to suit your own personal style, but, we thought we’d stick to the classic leather barrette – it’s timeless, wearable and suits almost every hair type.

leather hair barrette ponytail Regis
leather hair barrette side ponytail Regis

STEP 1. Put your hair into a ponytail (to the side or at the back work equally as well)

STEP 2. Slide the barrette over the top of your hair band so that your hair band is hidden

STEP 3. Tease some of the hair on your head for a slightly unrefined or softer look – which is yet another key summer trend btw.

Other hair barrette ideas:

Pearl large hair barrettes
Gold hair barrette

2. The Hair Scarf

There are literally hundreds of ways to wear a hair scarf, and even more hair scarves to choose from. Question is, are you a boho-chic, retro babe or vintage heiress? Your own unique style should guide the way you style your hair scarf, but to keep things nice and easy we’ve used a bright and simple thin scarf that can be worn in so many versatile ways.

I’m Hanging

STEP 1. Section half of your hair and secure into a high ponytail on your crown

STEP 2. Place the middle of the hair scarf underneath your ponytail, directly below your hair band

STEP 3. Begin to wrap the hair scarf around your hair band, taking each side of the scarf in turn

STEP 4. Leave an amount of scarf length to hang down either side of your ponytail to achieve your desired look

orange hair scarf half up high pony tail

Bohemian Wrap-sody

STEP 1. Pull your hair back into a ponytail

STEP 2. Place the middle of the hair scarf underneath your ponytail, directly below your hair band

STEP 3. Begin to wrap the hair scarf around your hair band, taking each side of the scarf in turn

STEP 4. Use the last few inches of the hair scarf on each side to cross over into a neat tie or bow of your choice

orange hair scarf wrap around ponytail
orange hair scarf bow tie ponytail

All Tied Up

STEP 1. Pin your scarf at its half way point on the crown of your head

STEP 2. Section your hair into two equal parts: left and right

STEP 3. Wrap the left piece of the scarf around the left section of hair so that the scarf is brought to the middle (in between both the left and right section). Repeat this on the right-hand side also.

STEP 4. Grabbing the left side of scarf, move it under the right scarf and right section of hair, wrap it in wards so it is in the middle again.

STEP 5. Repeat step 4 with the right scarf piece but move it over to the left-hand side, wrap over and bring back to the middle.

STEP 6. Repeat step 4 and step 5 until you come to the end of your scarf and hair (leave about 1.5 inches of scarf at the end)

STEP 7. Pull and tease parts of the hair in between the wrapped scarf sections

STEP 8. Tie up the hair using a hair band and use the remaining length of scarf to cover the hair band – wrapping discreetly into the hair band at the back.

STEP 9. (optional) wrap the pony into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

orange hair scarf twisted ponytail
orange hair scarf wrapped up bun

 Other hair scarf ideas:

patterned hair scarf retro style
patterned hair scarf in a low bun

The Headband

Headbands tend to split the opinion of most of our salon floors. We concluded that headbands have the power to either make you feel totally stylish and put together or bring back memories from primary school you’d much rather erase from your mind. But the return of the headband is fully back in swing thanks to the likes of Bella Hadid, Rita Ora and even Kate Middleton. Not to mention the headband was a firm accessory favourite at nearly every show at fashion week. Not sure how to wear a headband without looking like you’re trying to twin with your 5-year-old? We’re here to help. We’ve picked out two contrasting ways to wear a headband, but the choice is yours – so the question to ask yourself is what does your overall style say about you? Are you an idealist or a realist?

The Idealist

STEP 1. Add curls, waves or straighten hair to desired look

STEP 2. For a textured look, add texturizing spray and dry shampoo to the roots and tease hair for extra lift

STEP 3. Leave out face-framing strands

STEP 4. Place the headband about half an inch away from your hairline

Headband texturized hair

The Realist

STEP 1. Add curls, waves or straighten hair to desired look

STEP 2. For a sleek and polished finish, add shine spray throughout and brush through until you achieve your desired, swept back look.

STEP 3. Place the headband about half an inch away from your hairline

Headband sleek hair

Other headband ideas:

Embellished headband low bun
Embellished glam headband with braid
Simple velvet padded headband bob hair cut

Found the look?

Share your Summer hair accessories with us @regisuk by using the hashtag #regisuk so it shows up on our feed!

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