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Boho Celebrity Style

For some of our favourite celebs, having a stylist on hand means the ability to switch up their look to suit every occasion. For these girls, though, Boho has become more than a fad. Instead, it’s their fashion ethos, a look they’ve made their signature and one that allows their free-spirited love of style to shine.

The original queen of Brit boho, Sienna Miller is a girl who always stamps her style on any ensemble. Be it a red carpet or the muddy fields of Glastonbury, Sienna’s eye for quirky fashion and purposefully undone hair and beauty have made her a staple on the fashion pages. We love this look, where she makes a strong red lip and blunt fringe look casual and effortless.

From child stars to fashion trend-setters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen know their style and aren’t afraid to show it. From their own fashion designs to their appearances in the front row of fashion week, the sisters each have their own unique take on trends, but both share a love of the fringes of fashion. They capture that boho spirit by knowing all the latest trends, without being slaves to them.

She might be known in her professional, modelling life for being primped and perfectly groomed, but Miranda Kerr’s personal style is a lot more carefree. She looks just as stunning on the high street, if not more, and has made motherhood look more glamourous than ever this year. This look perfectly shows her boho side, combining an eclectic retro dress and flowing waves, with personal touches in her accessories.

Who are your favourite boho-loving celebrities? Tell us your inspiration in the comments

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