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Hair Icons of the Silver Screen

While style and fashions may change, there will always be some women whose looks remain timeless through the years. Those stars who truly captured the hearts and minds of the public and press in their day, and who continue to influence how we look to this day. We’re paying homage to some of the greats, and of course the hairstyles that helped solidify their status as icons of the silver screen.

One of the most enduring femme fatales of 1940s cinema, Veronica Lake was a talented actress who was equally known for her striking signature look. Sporting a characteristic peek-a-boo hairstyle, her platinum blonde waves were both soft and structural at once. A hairstyle that has been paid homage to through the decades, notably by Kim Basinger’s LA Confidential character, its influence on Hollywood beauty is still ubiquitous. Just look to any Oscars red carpet and you’ll see a nod to Lake’s timeless look, with a dash of red lipstick to truly capture her vampish and arresting style.

Known just as much for her personal life as her captivating screen presence, former child star Elizabeth Taylor had a decades-long career in the spotlight. At her peak she was the ultimate vamp, with a glamourous sex appeal that drew male and female fans alike. With dark chestnut hair to offset her famous violet eyes, her most memorable looks set the mold for 50s starlets, with pincurled chin-length hair and strong brows. Making fashion headlines into the 1960s, Taylor’s portrayal of Cleopatra will always be well remembered, spawning a multi-tude of nods to her beauty looks in the epic film.

All it took for Mia Farrow to become a true icon of sixties style was one incredible haircut, and who better to craft it than Vidal Sassoon himself. A true event in hairdressing history, Sassoon and Farrow’s salon session drew the press to witness her transformation into a fashion-forward 60s It Girl. The super short pixie crop has been through reinvention after reinvention, but always harks back to the 1960s for its best inspiration.

While Vidal Sassoon’s sixties looks brought British mod-influenced style to the world, the opposite end of the style spectrum was typified by Audrey Hepburn in her standout role in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Making her an instant icon, Hepburn’s look here took the early-sixties beehive and gave it a new lease of life for the in-crowd. Pairing the high volume with kitschy pearls and elbow length gloves, the playful styling of this beatnik and free-spirited character put Audrey’s status as a style icon firmly on the map for decades to come.

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