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Say Goodbye To Thinning Hair

Did you know that over 25% of women experience hair thinning or loss throughout their lifetime? That’s right – one in four! It’s something we rarely talk about, but it’s definitely not just a guy thing. If you’re seeing more hair on your brush than you’re happy with, or you’re noticing more and more strands coming up with the vacuum, there’s an answer. Many people think that hair thickening treatments are a myth, but Nioxin is here to prove they’re very real and they’re truly effective.

Trichologists and hair experts believe that hair loss and thinning strands have over 50 causes, from stress to changing pregnancy hormones and beyond, and often women feel too self conscious to consult a stylist for help. At Regis, our trained stylists are here to help at every step of the way, making sure that you’ll soon be feeling even more glamorous than ever. Their secret weapon is Nioxin, a range of products dedicated to rescuing hair from thinning, breakage and loss. The result is thicker hair that’s more youthful, stronger and healthier from the very root.

The products get to work from the scalp, allowing the root of the hair to be restored to its fullest health. That means that your hair can get back to its best from the moment it begins to grow, so these products are far more than hairstyling – they’re an investment in your hair’s health over time. The products are split into 6 systems, each designed for different hair types and degrees of thinning. In each system is a three step programme, designed to work together to show thickening and strengthening results in a matter of weeks. We know that Nioxin is a brand with fans who swear by it, so be prepared to change your haircare routine for good!

We recommend visiting a stylist in salon to help choose your perfect system, taking into account your hair’s health and any previous chemical processes. Prefer to buy online? Use the Nioxin decision tree below to find your number, and get your products to your door from ShopRegis. You can even choose a trial kit for every system, from 1 – 6, allowing you to sample the results before you buy. Even better, Nioxin are so confident in their products that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Convinced yet? Click here to get started.


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