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The Best Hair of Met Gala 2013

At the star-studded party of the month, the Met Gala 2013, the theme was Punk: Chaos to Couture. Giving celebrities the opportunity to truly innovate and be playful with their fashion choices, many of our favourite names didn’t disappoint. Pairing stunning couture gowns with trend-focused hair and beauty, the safe styles of awards season were abandoned in favour of boundary pushing style.

Interpreting the chic knotted hair trend of 2012’s catwalk, Gwen Stefani allowed her two fashion loves of punk and couture to truly mix. This edgy style perfectly embodies the event’s theme, giving the DIY elements of punk a sleek, professional touch.

Madonna has turned her hand at just about every fashion trend in her time at the top, so she was unsurprisingly unfazed by a try at this edgy style. Completing a headline-grabbing outfit with a sharp black bob, complete with short fringe, the shock factor was achieved in a stylish way.

Our favourite hair look of the evening goes to Amanda Seyfried, whose take on the look tended more towards couture than chaos. Retaining her elegant personal style, her look still manages to stand out from the pack thanks to its fashion-forward, daring departure from the tried and tested celebrity styles.

What was your favourite look from the evening, and which went too far for you?

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