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X Factor – Boot Camp Week 1

Finally – it’s boot camp time! The week where X Factor starts to take shape and get really exciting, and we can get a real feel for the live shows ahead! Big love for the 24-style countdown clock that was on stage to show the 72 hours of Boot Camp weekend.

Filmed a while after the initial audition stages, we’ve finally been exposed to Tulisa’s new blonde locks… and opinion is (slightly) divided among you all. We asked over on our Facebook page what people’s thoughts were on her new style (coloured by X Factor hairdresser, Jamie Stevens). One loved it, two people said it was ‘awful’ and most everyone else thinks a good toner would sort it out. Let us know over on Facebook what you think! Here’s the post.

On to the acts… It was great to see some of the faces we’ve been loving from the last few weeks, though many of them not for too long, as a lot of singers were sent home without even being given a chance to show the judges what they had.

There was a lot of surprise performances, and not in a good way, we might add! What happened to everyone?! There seemed to be a lot of nerves causing a lot of people a lot of problems – especially by those who were brash enough to choose to sing ‘Moves Like Jagger’ – OUCH. A lot of the boys didn’t seem to realize that there is some heavy falsetto in that song that seemingly only Adam Levine can sing! Jahmene was one of the lucky few whose performance absolutely fell apart, yet was given another chance and (after he had a severe attack of anxiety before his solo performance) made it to the judges houses.

One of our favourites, Jade Ellis, started her performance so well, but seemed doomed after forgetting all of the words to her song. Oops! We can’t help but think this might have been due to her relinquishing her amazing hair extensions (well, maybe not, but we did miss them!) – but the judges didn’t seem to mind this slight setback, and put her through anyway.

Most entertaining contestant has to go to Collagen Westwood (remember her from last week?), whose group sing off counterparts were less than happy with, when she turned up already drunk and carried on drinking “due to nerves” and “it helps with [my] voice” – Gary Barlow seemed less than impressed with these reasons!

Best hairstyle of the week is a slightly leftfield one, but we absolutely loved Rylan’s black wig epaulets that he sported for the group sing off performance. Gaythan seemed to be taking it the most seriously, but Rylan was chosen ahead of him, and we’re sure it has something to do with his hairy sartorial choices. Rylan, might we suggest going for our ‘the graduate’ style the next time you whip those wigs out?!

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