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X Factor: Live Shows Week 4

The fourth round of live shows started with the judges’ bold entrance, after we found out the theme was ‘Fright Night’ ahead of Halloween. Nicole was rocking the sexy kitty look, with a full on sheer lace catsuit, kitty ears and huge crimped hair – a brave look but we approve! Tulisa played it safe with a slinky black Morticia Adams-style dress, pale skin, pinched cheeks and fashionably purple lips, with her hair in big volume curls. Two very different Halloween looks, but both stunning as ever. With a start like that we couldn’t wait to see what the contestants had to bring to the stage.

The first act of the evening was Kye, performing ‘Let Me Entertain You’ with tutelage from Robbie Williams himself. Excitingly, Kye looked as if he had been reading our blog on all matters hair, looking as if he’s gone for The Wild One – good look, Kye! Now time to lose the eye makeup, yes?!

Union J were up next, with an unfortunately forgettable version of Beautiful Nightmare by Beyonce, however we did notice that the quiff seems to be taking over – apart from George, all the guys in the band had their hair quiffed to the maximum. We like this move away from the swept-over One Direction fringes, definitely a welcome style change.

Rylan appeared fairly early on in the show this week, to our surprise. He’s usually kept for shock-factor at the end, but we’re happy to report he came on quite early and did his usual mismatched mashup, which even included one of Nicole’s songs. All this with some amazingly slicked back ice blonde hair. Ice blonde locks are one of the must have hair colours of the season, so for a lighter, cooler shade, get to your local Regis salon and get an icier tone all over – magic!

On to Ella Henderson – what can we say? She’s so wonderful! This week, Ella’s hair was fastened on top of her crown, and crafted like candy floss, glittering in the light. A perfect sculpture, we loved it. The only downside to this week’s performance was the song choice – Evanescence was a bit of a disappointment for most Ella fans… though in true Ella Henderson style, she sang it amazingly.

Jade Ellis wowed with a nice take on the Sugababes’ version of Freak Like Me, wearing a seemingly sprayed-on leather catsuit and bolts through her neck like Frankenstein’s monster. She’d topped it off with her amazing new pink hair in one big roll on her head and the shaved part decorated with silver.

Over on Saturday night’s Xtra Factor there was even more dressing up fun, with Caroline Flack and Olly Murs sporting a bit of zombie wedding gear. We loved the undead glamour, especially Caroline’s combination of volume and colour in her hair.

The results show featured indie popsters Fun, as well as Robbie Williams who we noticed seems to be turning in to a bit of a silver fox!

Sadly, the acts left in the bottom two were Union J and Jade – and it wasn’t good news for our pink lady, as the judges decided it was her week to go. We’re genuinely going to miss her and her fashion flair!

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