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Cosmetic Treatments Cosmetic Treatments


More than just hair care experts, many Regis salons also host many skincare and beauty experts with extensive training in different techniques and treatments to give you the look you’re after.

We’re not just hair-care experts. In fact, a great many of our salons also host professional therapists, capable of offering a range of expert-led facial treatments. These bespoke facial treatments are available in select high street salons, and are all individually-formulated to rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish skin of every type.

We use a combination of the very best spa products and the latest massage techniques to ensure that all of our facial treatments are long-lasting and effective. Whether you’re popping in for a quick pick-me-up, or need some serious ‘me’ time to address emerging crows feet and wrinkles, we’re always on-hand to discuss treatment options that work for you.  

We also offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including microdermabrasion, contouring and skin peels, which are all designed to minimise wrinkles and refresh your skin without the need for complicated cosmetic procedures.

The full range of facial treatments on offer at Regis Salons include:

The 30 Minute Facial

Our 30 minute facials are ideal if you’re looking for a quick pick me up. Using a range of top-tier cleansers, hydrating formulas and massage techniques, our therapists will help to relax and replenish your skin in less time that it takes to get your hair cut.

The Relaxation Facial

For the ultimate pamper session, book a relaxation facial at one of our salons. Combining a hands-on massage with treatments that hydrate and nourish tired skin, these facials are designed from the ground up to ensure that you leave the salon feeling refreshed. 

Cosmetic Treatments

For those seeking more from a skin treatment, the cosmetic treatments offered in a number of our salons have a wide range of popular and new techniques, all with visible results and improvement of skin quality.

Cosmetic Treatments
  • Cosmetic Treatments

  • The Relaxation Facial

  • 30 Minute Facial

30 Minute Facial

Not sure what you want? Our stylists are more than willing to discuss your options, and excel at matching guests to a treatment that’ll suit their own unique needs. Every facial or treatment starts with a complimentary consultation so that you can discuss your options, and we’re always more than happy to talk you through the latest trends.

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