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Chemical Straightening Chemical Straightening


Looking for a more dramatic change? Alongside our cuts, blow dries and colour services, we also offer corrective treatments designed to alter the chemical structure of your hair – allowing you to add semi-permanent curls, or straighten out unwanted waves.

Hair treatments are carried out by our professional stylists, using cutting edge lotions and chemicals from industry-leading brands. What’s more, each hair treatment appointment starts with a complimentary consultation, during which your stylist will explain the process, and also provide some top tips on aftercare and preservation.

The full range of hair treatment services that we provide includes:


A perm is the perfect way to add shape and volume to limp hair. It works on hair of any length, and the waving lotion that we use can be applied to create a variety of styles. 

Chemical Straightening

Very much the opposite of a perm, chemical straightening is a process designed to relax flyaway curls and create a more uniform look. 

Already know which treatment you want? If so, you can use our salon locator to find your local Regis salon, and book an appointment today.

  • Chemical Straightening

  • Perming


Not sure what you want? Our stylists are more than willing to discuss your options, and excel at matching guests to a look that’ll suit their own unique style. Every cut, style or treatment starts with a complimentary consultation so that you can discuss your options, and we’re always more than happy to talk you through the latest trends.

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