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Chemical Straightening Chemical Straightening

Chemical Straightening

Fed up of damaging your hair by straightening it every morning? Consider getting your hair chemically straightened and wake up with straight hair every day. Our professional stylists have been especially trained so you can leave the salon with healthy, glossy, straight hair and a bounce in your step.

If you find that your hair is too unruly to manage on a daily basis, you may want to consider chatting to one of our stylists about chemical straightening. Similar to a perm, straightening (or relaxing)  hair treatments work by breaking the hair’s disulphide bonds in order to reset the hair into a straighter shape. They offer a long-lasting and effective way to transform your hair that’s ideal if you’re tired of taming unruly locks, or just want to try out a completely new look.

Our salons offer a range of different chemical straightening options, suitable for a range of different hair types. All of our chemical straightening treatments are applied by expert stylists, using the very best products and treatments available. Because the right chemical straightening treatment depends on so many different variables, we’d always recommend talking to a stylist before you book a session; they’ll be more than happy to talk you through the options, and explain which treatment will suit you best.  

Our stylists will also be more than happy to give you maintenance advice, and they’ll help you to pick out products that’ll help you maintain your new style too – just ask during your appointment!

Check out the chemical straightening services that your local salon offers here.

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