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Colour Correction Colour Correction

Colour Correction

Are you unhappy with the results from a previous hair dying session? At Regis, we offer bespoke colour correction treatments to get your hair back to the colour and condition that you want.

Colour Correction

For when something looks a little off…

It might be that the wrong colour was used, or that the product has taken unevenly. It might even be because your hair has reacted to one of the chemicals used in your collourant; there are all kinds of reasons that a hair dying session can go awry. The important thing is to fix it fast. Our stylists are all colour experts, who benefit from industry-leading training, and long years of experience work with hair of every type. As a result, they’re fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed  to correct any colour mistake.

The treatment needed for colour correction will vary from guest to guest; Some may simply require a toner to banish brassy tones from blonde, while others may need their hair to be completely re-coloured. Whatever action is taken, our stylists will provide you with the best haircare along the way to ensure your hair is left in the best condition possible. We’ll also provide you with advice on maintaining your new colour, and point you towards products that can be used to combat damage and boost shine in the coming weeks.

To find out more about our colour correction services and what treatment may be the best for you, call your local Regis salon to arrange a completely free colour consultation.

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