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Manual Tanning Manual Tanning

Manual Tanning

For a truly natural glow, manual tanning is definitely the treatment of choice. This hands-on treatment is carried out by one of our experts, who will gently rub a DHA tanning solution onto your skin – ensuring a streak-free and even tan that’s every bit as beautiful as the real thing.

Manual Tanning

A truly natural glow

All of our manual tanning services are delivered by trained professionals, who keep up to date with all of the latest techniques. They use a handful of tanning products produced by trusted brands, and work hard to ensure that you’re left with a tan that you’re truly happy with. Every manual tanning treatment begins with a patch test, where our professionals will test out some of the tanning solution that they intend to use on a small patch of skin – just to make sure that it looks right, and that your skin doesn’t react to the DHA. They will then proceed to apply the treatment – taking every care to ensure that it looks as natural as possible.

Afterwards, they’ll talk you through the best ways to preserve your tan, and point you towards lotions that will keep you looking radiant for longer. As with all of our treatments and services, the emphasis will be on helping you to look our best, and on making sure that you leave our salon feeling fab.

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