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Sports Massage Sports Massage

Sports Massage

A sports massage is an intensive treatment, designed to relieve aching muscles, improve blood flow and increase mobility after heavy exercise. You don’t have to be sporty to enjoy one though – if you’ve just got back into your gym routine, or find yourself suffering from frequent aches and pains, a sports massage may well be the perfect way to ensure that you stay fit, healthy and injury free.

Sports Massage

For exercise-induced aches

Our sports massages are generally designed to target a specific area of the body, based on your individual needs. This might be your legs, if you’re a runner, your back and shoulders if you’ve been lifting weights, or your shoulders alone if you’ve been climbing. Our professional therapists will work with you to locate the areas most at risk of strain or injury, and then deliver an intensive massage aimed at stimulating blood flow, relaxing soft tissue and softening up any knots to reduce pain and inflammation.

Whether they are performed straight after injury or after an intensive workout, our sports massages will help you to recover faster, and ensure that you aren’t suffering any unnecessary aches and pains. A professional muscle massage can also help to ensure that your body is as limber and flexible as possible, which means that they’re a great choice pre-exercise, particularly if you’re keen to minimise your chances of injury.

To book a sports massage or talk to one of our therapists about your options, locate your local Regis salon using our salon finder.

Please note: massage services are only available in select Regis salons. Please check their availability before making a booking.

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