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Spray Tanning Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Want sun-kissed skin without the sunbed? If so, spray tanning may well be the right choice for you. A professional spray tan is quick, safe and non-invasive, which is one of the reasons it’s become the go-to choice for a great many celebrities. It’s also a worry-free option, as there’s no risk of skin damage and you don’t have to worry about unsightly streaks.

Spray Tanning

Quick and easy

Professional spray tans work by coating your body with an even layer of DHA-rich solution. DHA is a natural compound that reacts with your skin to darken it in a matter of seconds, and it lasts for quite a while too!  Here at Regis, we use the very best spray tanning products on the market, and our spray tan systems are cutting edge – using an automated process to coat your body in a fine mist that ensures even coverage.

Our experts are always on hand to help you pick the right colour too, and we’re always more than happy to offer advice on reserving your sun-kissed look. We stock a range of products that can help to prolong the effects of your spray tan, and keep you looking healthy for longer.

Whether you’re pre-tanning before a holiday, preparing for a big night out or just trying to top up your post-holiday glow, our spray tanning service is definitely the first port of call. Book yours now by using our salon finder to locate your local Regis salon here.

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